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    X mas list

    Hi all,
    For my birthday earlier this year, my wife asked me to make a list of all the shooting stuff i wanted so she could choose something to get me. This was easy as i'd just bought a new rifle and wanted some loading bits for it. now she wants me to do the same for christmas but i just cant think of anything i need or want, i really think i have got everything.
    Wayne Davies showed me a new lamp that he is using and if it's 1/2 as good as he says i might fancy one of those, I wanted a new sling but cant find one i like and i seem to have lost my headlight but it will probably turn up in a coat pocket somewhere. So what is on your christmas list?


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    mine has waterproof socks on it.. Im also looking for things that i want.. I do want a decent pair of trousers which are quiet and waterproof, too many options!

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    Eka Swingblade knife for me and a Richard prior book
    zeiss duralyt 3x12-50 to get for myself

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    So far I have asked for a roe sack, new pair of shooting socks, and a record book for writing up my stalking. Will be good to see any other ideas of things I can't live without that I cant think of and maybe don't even know exist .


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    I always get asked what I want....I tell them and get told "Why cant you ask for normal presents?!"

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    Just books for me.

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    Mr Father Christmas STOPPED coming to see me year's ago But i would not mind a nice English "Sika Stag"

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    I put "my own personal troupe of female cheerleaders" at the top of my Xmas list, but that got crossed out and "I don't f***ing think so" written next to it in handwriting that looked just like my wife's.....

    So, instead I'm putting down some neoprene wellies - my dainty tootsies were just a smidge cold whislt out pheasant shooting in the Lakes on Saturday...

    Books on big-game hunting never go amiss, and perhaps one of those torches that are the size of your thumb but can outshine a lighthouse.....

    Oh, it's going to be SUCH a disappointment to get some 'zany' character socks, yet another scarf, and a Terry's choc orange that you can only separate with a cricket bat...
    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

    "...Nicely just doesn't cut the cheese....." A new twist on management-speak courtesy of a colleague.

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    Maybe update that list of neoprene wellies to MUCKBOOTS merlin - they are very cosy.

    As for myself - I've been lucky this year in getting bits and bobs such as the swap of the Hornet for the .270 - then putting a Meopta 7X50 on top. I probably have more gear around me than I'll ever use properly, so a Christmas round the fire with a good friend or two to visit or call on the 'phone, plenty good grub to pick-at and some nice drams of this and that - a few 'phone calls from distant grandchildren - the wag from the dog as he tries to yank his bonio off the bottom of the home-grown Christmas tree.

    I'm VERY lucky indeed. OH ! Getting rid of the remaining angina problems after my partial stent job would be good so that I could walk full-pace again. Anno Domini !
    Opinions often differ according to unknown circumstances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakaras View Post
    I always get asked what I want....I tell them and get told "Why cant you ask for normal presents?!"
    Same here, usually followed by "how much????"

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