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Thread: Deer Related Training

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    Deer Related Training

    BASC's deer related training events have now been entered onto the forums calendar. If you are interested in any of these events/courses then please consult our website for further details.

    Many thanks, Peter

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    thanks peter

    shame as although i support the Basc why no scottish dates.....

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    I support BASC as well but I am getting fed up with minimal Scottish events for supporters up here on an ongoing basis.......I see no response from Peter as of yet.....Peter are you working up some dates for us guys up here?

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    Have you not looked at Peter's previous response on threads about this?

    BASC Scotland will be doing "things'. Schedule to be advised.

    Totally separate to this but if members of any organisation just recline and wait for something to fit then nothing will. Demand is good, just communicate with the organisation that you are interested in by all means. Best is actually telephone, as in the old fashioned Human 2 Human method

    P.S. First.

    My neighbours on an adjacent street asked how I got our street "ploughed" on Friday. I waved the gritter down and asked, as I had our street cleared of cars, "if you had the opportunity to please swing by when we could get it empty next time................".

    His response was the result


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    well stated and yes a polite please and thanks does go a long way, oh by the way, a more polite person than Jd you will not find.
    i hope that some of the normal bash Basc peeps don't high-jack this but Basc has been asked more than once for more dates here in Scotland.
    I do believe that locations and numbers attending where mentioned as something that caused them concerns.
    Having seen the recent best practice turn out i would assume that these concerns are un-founded.
    I hope that peter/david realise that there is some stalkers in Scotland that have genuine interest in doing courses and cannot allow the Know it alls, brow beat them all the time.

    As i say i hope this remain civil to Basc. I expect a hammering though ha ha, what's new.


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    BASC Scotlands training can be found at the following link I shall get the courses put onto the forums calendar.

    Many thanks, Peter
    PS - If you cannot find what you are looking for in Scotland, give them a ring - as I can assure you that they have a very busy program of activity. They also have a dedicated Training officer

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    In addition all the scottish courses are also on the calendar now.

    Although you probably wont be able to find them because someone has block booked the whole of next year from March to December as a continuous event

    Many thanks, Peter

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    Many of BASC's Deer related courses are now fully booked - so please book in advance to avoid dissapointment.

    I would like to thank the many 100's of stalkers who have been on a BASC deer related training course over the last 12 months and was impressed with the wholly positive feedback we recieved on the evaluation forms

    Thanks, Peter

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