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Thread: fox numbers

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    fox numbers

    i am seeing an increase in foxes around my permissions even for this time of year. Normally on one permission if i see one fox per outing i am doing well and a bonus if i get a shot. The last three visits to the said permission i have seen around 3-4 per outing and shot at least one on each visit. I am also seeing them respond to hand calls more than usual. i would expect to see maybe a dog fox comming into to investigate the call at this stage but i am also seeing pairs comming in to the call also. this is unusal for my permissions or maybe all the older call shy foxes have been taken care of and these are a new more niave batch that i am seeing.

    anyone else seeing an increase in numbers


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    Keith, tried to call you.

    I have not been out much recently. I saw three on Friday evening, but they were all travelling. Nailed one on the gallop.

    A neighbour here is out three night a week. He probably shoots 3 or 4 per week. He shot 8 last week. Just called him, he was out last night and shot 5 in two hours, three in one field.

    Seems to be young foxes moving out into new territory. I have not heard any vixens calling yet, but I think this cold weather will have them pairing up early.

    A particularly fine specimen:

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    We've shot more on our shoot in the last couple of weeks than we even SAW through the whole of last winter......

    So far so good though - every one that has been shot at has been killed, so we ain't educating 'em!!
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    both foxes and rabbits have been a bit thin on the ground just lately on the 3 perms that I have and having read the above threads it looks as if they're on the move so best I get the batteries charged and blow the spiders out of the 223, (haven't been out for 3 weeks, criminal, I know!!!)

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    Have started hearing them calling on a regular basis so the new crop won't be too long getting started.

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    i have been seeing signs of foxes starting to pair up for a week or two i just think that your vixens are starting to call the dogs in hence your seeing a influx in numbers

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    Sorry Brian seen your missed call. I will give u a shout for a catch up tomorrow

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    last week saw 6 on 2500 acres, one stood, one got shot! this week did it again saw nothing!

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    I was down my mates place yesturday & there is foxs foot prints all over the places never seen any out

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    On one off my new permissions the gamekeeper has took over 125 since march.

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