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Thread: SHR 970 barrels/bolts/mags

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    SHR 970 barrels/bolts/mags

    Hello all,

    Trying to locate some spares for my SHR 970 rifle,
    I require
    1x 7mm-08 barrel
    1x .308 barrel
    1x .308 magazine
    1 x each barrel,bolt and mag for a .300 WM

    Anyone know of any lying dusty on gunshop shelves?


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    I have been searching for months for a spare magazine for my SHR 970 in .308
    The closest I have come is on GUNBROKER.COM website, you could try there. I found one but they would not ship international to me or rfd! I have contacts in Germany and Italy on the look out and even a kindly chap of this forum had a go whilst in Germany recently, but to no avail.
    If I do find a supply I will let you know and would appreciate if you would do the same.
    I think the best chance may be from members over the "Pond" so please Guys (and Gals) if you come across anything please post it on here will you?
    Sorry if this seems like a bit of a thread hijack Tim, but I will be sure to let you know if I come across anything on your list, except the .308 magazine lol !!


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    Hi Pete, i have found a couple of complete rifles in .25-06 and .270 but no spares. I will of course keep my eyes open for you too. You don't happen to know if any other of the sauer range of switch barrels will fit?? Or is that just a common sense idea that was never implemented?


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    I have not looked into it but I would be surprised if they did fit. For marketing purposes they usually make the odd subtle change to ensure that the "new range" is bought.
    I have the contact details for the so called stock holders in Switzerland. I will dig them out for you. I had no success with them but I was only after the .308 magazine, may be you will have more luck.
    Try these and let me know how you got on.
    Lagardère SA
    Boulevard des Eplatures 21
    CH 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
    Phone : +41 32 926 6066
    Fax : +41 32 926 6032
    Mail :

    Best regards

    Ev Pätzold
    Sales Assistant Export/CH
    Phone: +41 52 674 7510



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    Hi Pete thanks for those details. I have a man in the U.S that will ship me over anything legal for cost + a few beer tokens. So if you find anymore .308 mags and they won't ship directly, then drop me a pm with details and i'll sort it for you.


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    Cheers Tim,

    I will do that. You ought to keep an eye on that website mate, especially if your guy can ship for you.



    P.S You have a PM Tim.
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