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Thread: Selling a Leica Range Finder

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    Selling a Leica Range Finder

    I have a leica 900 scan which has had a fortnight's use. Essentially, it is brand new thanks to Leica unexpectedly replacing rather than repairing a faulty but older version of the replacement unit. Simultaneously, I also made the step up to the Geovids and so the replacement unit is now redundant. Would anyone know the best place to sell this item i.e. ebay?

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    I would sell it on here - plenty of like minded souls


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    Me too. I just bought a Leica CRF 900 brand new, it's a good bit of kit and am sure someone on here will "bite your hand off" at a reasonable price.
    Good luck - don't forget to put it in sales....
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    You got home OK then Henry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by handsomebob View Post
    I would sell it on here - plenty of like minded souls

    It might well do, if Henry Straker repiies to the PM I sent him earlier this week.
    KevinF -

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    Thanks for info.

    A number of folk have registered their interest via pm. The unit is at work and I may struggle to get back there this side of Xmas thanks to weather (300 miles distance). Will update the thread when I am back.

    In the mean time, I assure that the unit is next to new and in excellent condition so if anyone wants to make an offer prior to officially going to 'market', I will consider it.


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