For Sale - Redding Deluxe Die Set - 7mm Ultra Magnum

The deluxe Redding set includes a full length resizing die, a neck resizing die and a seating die.

The set is supplied in the green box with all instructions, stickers etc.

I got the dies with a job lot of reloading equipment. They guy I bought the equipment off had a Rem Mag but not an Ultra Mag rifle. He told me he was sold the wrong dies but never got round to taking them back to the shop.

I cannot guarantee it but I have been told that the dies are brand new and have never been used. They certainly look in very good condition.

The Deluxe set retails for about 60 so looking for 45 including secure postage.

PM if you would like to see photos. I can send them on email but don't have the IT skills to post them on here.