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Thread: Thanks to all that voted for me!

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    Thanks to all that voted for me!

    Just a quick thankyou to all that voted for me, unfortunately just missed the finishing post.
    However had a long informative discussion with David Ilsly head of communications, we discussed all the issues raised by the members here, he assured me that any Basc member who has a legitimate complaint should not hesitate to contact him through this website or contact him direct at Basc..
    We discussed a members forum which would be similar to the ones that are currently being used on the net, and to use these as media platforms to get their message across and hopefully involve the members more in issues that affect them.
    I raised my concern that if a Basc members forum did evolve it should not be censored even if it was contraversial!
    David assured me that if such an animal did evolve, and they are seriously considering a forum, it would be moderated only for abuse and the likes.

    once again thankyou


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    hi griff
    sorry to hear you did not quite get there ,but always next year and sure you will probaly get my vote again
    now david has entered on to this site and so far has showed a lot of hope , maybe things will start to move at BASC HQ
    good luck for the future

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    Sorry for being so dim, but does that mean that you are now officially a BASC officer chappy council member thingy. If so well done and congratulations! If not well there is always next year mate.

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    sorry mate, but didn't get elected..

    Pete e,
    sounds like a good idea, would you like me to put it to david Ilsly?


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    Hi all,

    Not sure how the mods and others would view such a link - there are plenty of BASC members on this forum and plenty of non members- so lets keep the status quo eh?

    Keeping this an indipendent forum will take away any possibility of censorship by BASC or anyone else- agreed?

    I accept that not everyone will want to be a BASC member, and understand that people will often have stong views about BASC, some good some bad - OK lets keep the freedon to say our bit! But let us also keep an open mind that perception and reality are sometimes not the same thing. I will be the first to stand up and say I am wrong- if the cap fits....

    Moving back to Griff- shame he was not elected, but keep at it, I know of one current council member who has at least three goes before they were elected.

    BASC needs a council made up of all sorts of people with all sorts of skills, but most importantly we need council that truely represents BASC members.


    PS my official title is head of marketing & membership services - but I answer to just about anything!

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    Sorry you didn`t make this time Griff.
    I have to say equally disappointed for myself, and probably many others who are similarly disillusioned with BASC, in that we have lost a man that at least had the spine to stand up and state the feelings of its grass root members.
    We are already seeing the right messages being offered by BASC officialdom, (probably because of you relaying our feelings) lets hope its not just, "political speak"; I will reserve judgment until attitudes do change.
    But , I don`t think I`ll be holding my breath!
    Anyway, next time Griff. Tony M.

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    thanks for that, but just to put things into perspective, 127,000 members, less than 1% turned up at a centennary AGM, less than 3% voted..
    Having been thrust into this for the first time I am absolutely astounded at the lack of interest and yet we want change, or is it just the minority that want change.
    If I am to continue fighting on behalf of members then I don't want to find I am standing alone!


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    Griff ,
    I think you have hit the nail on the head! So few members turn up at AGM or Vote, and so few get in touch with me or our regional directors for example to express concerns this can give an indication that the vast majority of the membership are satisfied with BASC and this may well be the case.

    However, I am fully aware, based on posts on this forum for example, that there are some members who are not happy. Maybe this is because we have failed to get our message across properly, and maybe it is because in some cases we honestly have not given the level of service that the member expected.

    Tony M
    Thank you for keeping an open mind- Try as we might, I cannot guarantee that we will never fail to meet expectations 100% of the time- this is the real world and sometimes things do not go according to plan I guess- this is not unique to BASC is it?

    Looking at some of the criticisms, I would ask for some clarification please so I can look into what needs to be done. One set of criticisms seems to centre around the phrase ‘BASC has lost touch with the members’ OK, if you could give me some examples please or suggestions on how you would like to see things improve this will help me to try to help you and the other members who feel we have lost touch with them.

    This is not just ‘political’ speak’ although I can understand your caution! It is part of my job to do all I can to improve the membership package- and if I know there is an issue I can do something about it- if no one tells me than I am afraid there will be nothing I can do – so please do not be afraid to let me know what your concerns are- be open and frank with me and I will be the same with you – is that OK?

    Best wishes


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    Thanks to all that voted for me

    Griff, Sorry to hear that you didn't get on. Stick to it and don't give up.

    David BASC, Is there going to be a bar in the BASC area at the game fair. Years ago it was a great meeting place for family and friends. I felt that it provided a central point and was an important part of the set up.
    You could sit down with a pie and a pint and in no time at all you were chatting with complete strangers about the show, what you had seen or bought, where they were from and what shooting they did.

    Here's a suggestion. Perhaps committe members and officials could wander through the area, introduce themselves and chat to members so that we could see who they were. After all, it is probably much easier to talk to someone with a pint in your hand.

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