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Thread: NVRS IR illuminators

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    NVRS IR illuminators

    I've got an ATN aries gen 1 nvrs but find the IR illuminator only good for about 35 yds, it's ok for ratting but have been thinking about mounting it on the 22 rimmy for rabbits, can anyone tell me if there's a good quality IR that will take the range out to 50-70 yds or would I be better off mounting a lamp and red filter on to the sight?.... callie

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    Hi ,I have a LIR80AP laser ir illuminater which I bought from Night Vision Gear UK.
    It is better than I thought.
    Lights up to about 120yrds but picks eyes up further than that on a black night,not cheap but what is!

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    tia:- cheers for that bud, I'll give carl at NVG a bell and see if he's got any in stock

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    try Uttings too - ( - For All Your Air Rifle Accessories, Shooting, Field Sports, Fishing, Rifle Scopes, Gun Lights, Pellets, Targets and Outdoor Accessories) - they will do an additional higher power designator. I have an additional IR on my Cobra and as Tia says they are more than good enough at rimfire ranges (mine a bit further than that).
    Lamp is an option, but unwieldy and also not cheap - the Lightforce IR filter is c. 120.....

    A focussable IR laser is the better choice IMHO
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    Cheers Eric, I'll have a look at Uttings, by the way I had a savage 17 hmr very accurate, took the saddles off rabbits at 200+ yds, no good to you tho' as it was a right pegger, swapped it in for tikka 223 and feel more confident taking out charlie at 150 yds etc....callie

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    The Yukon's ajustable 120m/w IR-Flashlight is designed to provide illumination of the target in the infrared spectrum for use with night vision equipment. The IR-Flashlight provides a significant increase in observation distance (in almost three times) and image resolution at the gen.1 capabilities. It can be mounted on any n/v scopes or other scope with a standard Weaver mount. approx 80 !! you know where *bay

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    Cheers Mr You, the IR that came with the sight is 450mW, not that it means a lot as it's only a guide to the amount of power being used not to the actual infrared luminousity given off by the torch so maybe the Yukon is actually brighter at 120 than the ATN is at 450, and from memory (2 years ago) I believe that the yukon is pulsed which means longer battery life, with the ATN it's switch it on, (iluminator that is) shoot, switch off, the darn thing eats CR3 batteries like they're going out of fashion ...callie

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    went for the yukon in the finish, much better than the ATN. and better still with both on....callie

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