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Thread: Long range shooting....

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    I have seen this clip before. If he had been putting holes in paper at that range then he may have impressed me. Taking deer at that range is not acceptable, however good the marksman is.
    Just my humble opinion anyway!

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    Nothing clever about that-keep it to bits of paper

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    Where do you draw the line as to what range is unacceptable? Surely, it's a personal thing?

    Yes, I accept that the further the target the greater the variables such as wind deviation etc.

    I know my own limitations and won't try and shoot any thing much beyond 250 metres even though my pal assures me I'm not doing justice to my rifle - a heavy barrelled Sako 308.

    I gut shot a deer early in my stalking experience and despite searching that night and the following morning for a total of 5 hours I didn't find the beast.

    Because I don't want that feeling again I stick to squeezing the trigger only when I 'm certain.


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    Not being a stalker you may well say I am not qualified to pass comment – fair enough, but I think Nick is spot on. It has nothing to do with the rifle bullet per se- everything on the market will kill at up to and well over 250m.

    The big questions are:

    Can you judge the range accurately?
    Are you confident to hit the target at that range?
    Are you competent enough to hit that target at that range?
    Are you fully comfortable with the shot?

    Airgunning and pigeon shooting are my main sports- and I am often involved in debates about the maximum range of an off ticket airgun to kill a rabbit. The answer is that an airgun will kill a rabbit with a head shot at say 35m – but the maximum range for you would be the range at which you can put a pellet into a circle the size of a 1p coin – if that is 20m then that is your max range- and you need to practice your field craft skill to stalk within 20m.

    In pigeon shooting range judging is the main thing…but I guess I am drifting a bit – sorry.


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    What about this one!!!

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    Now that's some great shooting!

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    Depends on species and equipment.

    With my .243 which I have shot all but 1 deer with from Sika to Roe, I am more than happy to shoot upto 200m, maby a bit beyond if everything else was right for me. I am very confident with this rifle.

    With my .308, I am not confident with yet, down to lack of use. I intend to change this prior to the Doe season with lots of range work, experimenting with hand loads etc, this will bolster my confidence in it, so again, I would be confident at longer ranges using it.

    I am of the impression though, that anybody with the equipment can shoot to 250m plus, this is not what the sport is about with me however. I'm not saying I want to get as close as 20m to a deer, which I have done and shot it, but 50-100m is alwasys a good achievement in whatever the enviroment, be it wood, which is a double edged sword, good cover but noisy underfoot, to open ground, using the features that are given naturally.

    Very few people out there can out shoot a factory rifle using factory ammo, but it's nice to know you can push that little further to your quarrie.

    Look at fox/vermin shooters, often shots are taken over 200m, at night with success.

    Just my pennies worth...

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    I agree with Nick on this one,"its a personal thing".
    don't condemn someone elses capabilties just becuase you are not capable of doing the same,or its not your cup of tea.
    Just how many deer have been missed at point blank range!
    Should these people stop shooting..
    What you don't see is and is never discussed is the equipment these people have, wind meters,inclinometers,range finders and of course a rifle that is capable.
    Any rifle that shoots sub moa is capable out to a 1000yds in the right conditions, I wonder how many of us have shot deer on windy day and never even taken the wind in to account.
    Missed them at 50yds killed them stone dead at 500yds.
    just my two cents worth..


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