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Thread: Who's snowed in?

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    Unhappy Who's snowed in?

    So who's out stalking this week and who's snowed in?

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    Snowed in here in Caithness, can make town after the snow plough has passed but can't get back up my drive with the depth of snow building up against my spoiler.
    Only a couple of does to get for friends before Christmas anyway and it's winter time, what can we expect.

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    not snowed in , but there is plenty of it !

    ive been out and about , only managed to rustle up a red and 2 roe this week so far but out again in the morning .

    cheers lee

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    No matter how much snow we have I'm never snowed in. All you need is a Volvo BM tractor and a snow blade. Sadly the snow is to deep to hunt the teckle.
    I am off shooting pheasants tommorow though. Should be interesting as they have had quite a bit of snow in Southern Sweden and its -10 and blowing quite hard.

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    We had 16'' yesterday morning and it has been snowing heavily on and off since. The pick-up seems to go through everything though.

    Apparently another 2 days of it to come.

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    we have bout a foot here. a9 black again though.
    lakelander and heym rifles.

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    John Deere 6230p and a Landcruiser are what keep us moving. The snow is a bit crunchy for woodland stalking and it's about 1'' deeper than my wellie tops. Off to Kelso for the pheasants next week so hope the gritters keep up the good work on the roads south.

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    Whats happening now,Global warming? What now heading back to the ice age,polar bears seen in the north of scotland,3 ft drifts with us up about 750ft.
    deer got hammered already this year,

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    not a drop with me---------just a wee bit chilly

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