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Thread: Decent secondhand

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    Decent secondhand

    appears to be some decent riffles in inc tikka M55 in 222 at really cheap money

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    Have heard some not so good reports, they have shared property, not there, never answering e-mails, phone calls etc, etc, the list goes on.

    It's a bit like field and stream of ashborne, nobody answers the phone or e-mails, very little in the shop, you order something, they, as middle men phone Edgar Bros (and we know how bad that's got recently...worse than before and that was bad enough...), Take their cut, and hope that edgars will post to you, edgars favourite phrase. "It's on back order".

    I'm not saying that all internet sellers are rubbish, some are good , some bad, but a lot are ****e with a capital S, it's a shame ther are no UK RFD's on ebay, never had any trouble on ebay...callie

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