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Thread: smaller quarry on big rifles ?

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    smaller quarry on big rifles ?

    Hi lads

    Im sure ive read this before on the site, but cant find it.

    Ive got 3 rifles, a 22lr with vermin only on, which is fine.

    but my question is can i apply to add vermin to my 243 and 308 as they only have deer and fox on at the moment?

    and if so where can i find the ruling etc etc.


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    223, this is a whole kettle of fish. My guns all have "and any other legal quarry" conditions, so I can shoot rabbits with the .243 if I want. There's a thread all about it on here. If you can show good reason why you need to use a .308 on rabbits etc. then they should add them as conditions. I'd phone up and ask them about the "AOLQ" condition, as I know it's fairly recent, so they might add it for you. I asked about having boar added, and was told that as I have the AOLQ that would cover boar as well, so there was no point adding it separately.

    Phone and have a word with your FEO, see what he says.

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    As your in the same area as myself and you have to deal with the same feo i can tell you there is next to no chance of adding aolq to your conditions or being allowed to shoot vermin with your 243 and 308.
    best of luck

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    Hi Dave, sounds like you've got same wording on you're ticket as I have for the 223,--- 22 rf for vermin--- 223 for fox--- 223 for munties and CWD's....Pat.

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