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Thread: .308 Sierra 125 grain on deer

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    .308 Sierra 125 grain on deer

    Has anyone tried the above bullet on deer?

    i would be grateful for experiences and load data as well gentlemen.

    With thanks,


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    I've just started using them in my CZ550 in front of 47grains N140 cci primer: 1 inch group at 100 mts. I was out with Malcolm a couple of weeks ago and took a Roe doe in the morning and a young Fallow buck in the evening: neither were particularly large specimens but both dropped on the spot. Little bit of damage on the Roe because it clipped the shoulder, the Fallow was straight in and out the other side, no real meat damage at all. So overall I am pleased with the results and shall continue with them. Hope this helps.


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    less costly and damaging than 125 greentips, 49gn h4895 should get them jogging on about 3k. start low and work up as always.

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    Just the sort of information I'm after chaps, thank you.

    @Oberon: Did they spray much in the way of lead fragments about inside the cavity, like say a v-max would?

    @Gary: Good to hear they do less damage than the greenies, have you tried them on the foxes yet?

    I ask as the primary use for the rifle will be for foxes but I want to be able to take deer up to fallow if need be, I was intending to only shoot broadside deer in any event.

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    @Oberon: Did they spray much in the way of lead fragments about inside the cavity, like say a v-max would?

    Certainly on the Fallow there was a clean entry and exit through the chest and no real damage other than that, in fact I was suprised how clean it was. As I said though, only two deer shot so far with them.

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    Thanks mate.

    I think I will them try when my variation comes through, at the moment it's down just for target.

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    not the best fox round, but will kill them. i use fast foxing bullets 55/70gn in .22/243, although i am developing an 85gn rocket for my new 25-06 for the ginger ones (xmas and birthdays only). took the .308 a few times with 125 ballistic tips and killed a few with that but my ground had an accident before my time there where a cow was shot with a 100gn .243 so i'm carefull of backstops/richochets - light bullets = less chance of shot cow! also shoot fox amongst sheep so .308 a bit risky for pass through.

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    If you want some, I've got a box that I'm not planning to use, let me know

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    I used the 'accuracy load' from the Sierra loading manual of 50.5gn of H414 with success in Arran last year. It's a modest load and light on the shoulder, but easily enough to dispatch a Red calf at over 200 yards with minimal meat damage.

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