I am having a bit of a clearout to make some room and help pay for some other equipment that I have ordered.

Double Door ex shop bottle/pie chillers

Cheaper than buying a walk in cold store/chiller if you only have 2-3 animals per week that you need to keep at the correct temp before taking to a game dealer or processing the meat yourself.

Internal Dims (dims in MM)

1440 high, 600 deep, 900 wide

3-4 Roe,
2-3 Fallow
1 -2 Pigs/Wild Boar
Several Munties

Note: You have to make up an internal frame from to hang the animals from (do not drill holes in the sides/top as there is a lot of messing about they will not hold the temp)

I can make up the internal frames if needed, but if you are have access to a welder you can knock them up in a couple of hours.

Stainless Cutting Tables

4x2ft --Height 3ft 3" (galv framework)
5ft 8" x 2ft" -- Height 3ft 3" (alloy framework)
5ft x 2 ft-- Height 3ft 3" (galv framework)

PM for more details