52x.223 Fed Gold medal match (primed once fired) brass 20
63x Lapua 6.5x55 UNUSED brass 30
59x Lapua .308 win UNUSED brass 30
63x sellior and belliot 6.5x55 (primed) brass 20
50x Federal 243 brass 17.50
Redding #1400 case trimmer and instructions 65
Redding Deluxe 3 die set 6.5x55 50
Redding Full length die set 308 25
Redding full length die set 223 25
Lee Deluxe die set 6.5x55 17.50
lee deluxe die set 243 17.50
lee 11 cased shell holders 12
Remington bolt disasembly tool 20
Lee challenger reloading press (lever has light rust,which will come of with a light rub of 600 wet and dry) 30
Ive got leaupold rings and bases for WIN and REM 1"
Ive some TIKKA rings 30mm
450 Winchester WLR primers
100 CCI BR4 small rifle primers
130 CCI 400 small rifle primers
159 Remington 91/2 large rifle primers
3x MTM loading trays
MTM reload boxes
lee powder dispenser
Hornady powder trickler
RCBS case Kicker (new never used)

All the above prices are inc postage BUT if you wish to pay by PP sorry you will have to cover cost @4% or you can pay by cheque or EMT via internet banking which has no charge.

All sales via PM and if a couple of you want something it will be down to who was first via timed PM.

Ive still got other stuff to go as well inc pecar scope 4-10x45 6x42 S+B, 2x Bear rugs (serious inc only) slings and all manner of stuff.