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Thread: Hello from E.Lothian

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    Hello from E.Lothian

    Hi all

    My names Mark and I live in East Lothian. I have been shooting for 30 years now ,all types , and in the past have stalked a couple of deer with friends. I have decided to try and do more stalking but living in East Lothian this is proving difficult.

    Have been going along to the BDS meetings at Dalkieth and have found them very interesting so will keep going.

    Have been told this is a very handy website so will pop in a bit and see whats happening.


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    Welcome Mark, you have it right on the useful properties of SD,........... I think you'll find you are closer to the deer than some of us on here!... Steve.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    I am originaly from East Lothian, I still go home from time, there are a lot ro bouncing about. It would be well worth getting round the farmers doors asking for permission. lots of large arable farms not too keen on deer chomping and trampeling their crops. A friend of mine from Aberlady has picked up a fair few thousand acres this way.

    Good luck


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    welcome in mate, did you get emails ok


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    Yeh thanks Frank , got the mail.

    Dave I shoot on quite a lot of farmland and small holdings around Haddington Drem area and for years the standard answer has always been,, don`t shoot the deer.

    They are not to be touched around this way, at least not by lesser mortals like me . What annoys me though is the fact that I never shoot them on the permissions that have asked me not to,, but others shoot them anywhere they like !!. Could go on about it forever but thats just the way it is round here at present.


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    Ah, I used to shoot Spittle rig, Monkrig, Hales, Kipilaw and Morham bank. There never used to be many deer there bacause the dog men used to lamp them all the time. I see much more deer now than there ever used to be 20 years ago. I know what you mean with the people that like to see them though. A patch I stalk in north area has a huge boundary and none of the neighbours shoot the deer. I think because they dont see many they dont think many are there. I went to an area in North yorks last doe season, I spoke to one of the guys that works on the land and asked him what deer were about. He told me he had worked there 9 months and only ever seen one deer in that time. I went for a stalk; saw six and shot 2!! I have never seen so many roe together as what I see on the fields below Fa'Side Castle on the side of the A1 just past Trannent. It cant be healthy to have that many animals so close, over 4 fields I counted 19 amimals one afternoon! It might be worth doing a deer survey on the patches you do shoot and present it to the land owners. Work out holding capacity, population and formulate a cull plan and offfer the meat of the first one to the farmer.

    Either way good luck



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    Yup Was up at Fa`side yesterday to watch the deer (5 min from the door). Have seen 30 in that herd at some point !!! Spoke to the farmer again 3 days ago but refuses to allow them shot. neighbouring farmers likewise !! at a loss sometimes .. people have no idea about deer welfare , but it`s their land !. Tried to explain but deaf ears etc.
    East Lothian has a huge amount of deer at the mo, including a heard of fallow ! but too much money involved for them to be managed properly. That and bunny huggers.


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    Hi Mark

    I have also seen those roe at the side of the A1 , I saw about 25 in a couple of fields thought I was imaginig it..

    Do you shoot any geese at Drem , I shot them there once ..

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    Hi Foxhunter Goose shooting is something I`ve never got into BUT a farm Ive just taken on has asked me to shoot them so I`ll be giving it a bash. When I can get at them like ! Weathers shocking up here just now. That whole area is the place to shoot them though.

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