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Thread: DSC Level 1 Course - Hampshire

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    DSC Level 1 Course - Hampshire

    Jelen Deer Services
    DSC Level 1
    We are pleased to announce that our DSC L1 course and assessment scheduled for February 25th - 27th 2011, has now been fully booked.

    Due to increased demand we have added another DSCL1 course and assessment in March 2011 for what is one of the UK's most successful courses, boasting a pass rate in 2010 of

    The March course will be held on the weekend of

    18th, 19th & 20th March 2011
    Stockbridge, Near Winchester, Hampshire

    279.00 (Including benefits)

    Please contact Mike Allison on

    For further details

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    Did/do you guys ever run one in Shrewsbury? May be mistaken but thought I would check, as if so do you have any dates? Also, whate are added benefits? Thanks, Oly

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    Hi Oly,

    No we didn't run one in Shrewsbury. The added benefits are:

    A Free re-take of any failed elements (so confident are we that you will pass!)
    25% discount on DSC Level 2 culls
    10% discount on stalking with Jelen Deer Services
    Free telephone/email help with any issues relating to DSCL1/2
    Free copy of our training CD Rom for DSCL1
    Option to buy, or return free of charge the DSCL1 training manual (provided it is not written in/damaged)
    Free help with FAC applications/variations

    Hope this helps,

    Best regards

    (Director - Jelen Deer Services)

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    Well done Mike and Dave, leading the way to helping us mere mortals get through our D.S.C level 1.
    Your the only service provider that gives you the added benefits.
    I had a fantastic time when i did my course with you,
    All the best , Porky

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    I also highly recommend these guys,
    I did my dsc1 with them aswell, great bunch of guys

    Training cd was a great help to

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    Mikes Red wine isn't bad either. Keith

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    Email inbound

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    Thanks Mike, great prices, but probably too far away to make it my worthwhile.

    All the best,

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    No worries Oly, please don't hesitate to give me a shout if we can help in the future.

    Best regards

    (Jelen Deer Services)

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    Just a quick plug for the CD training manual that jelen have developed its EXCELLENT.
    I bought a cd off mike, did my homework and took the tests only, locally to me and passed with a 100% rate through out, without the cd this would not of been possible.

    Thanks very much Mike

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