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    We have all complained often enough about having to join BASC or some other association just to get insurance.
    I dropped across this on the internet when mooching around myself to try for the best deal.

    If I am correct it will enable a group to get there own insurance and circumvent the need for the leeches

    Anyone interested if so I would be happy to call these guys and look around for other providers to get the best deal..

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    One of the ‘leeches’ here!

    Yep cheap deals are out there as I have said many times before .But remember that shoot accidents are very rare- BASC insures around 127,000 shooters, and we see less than 100 claims a year. So chances are that when paying your insurance premium only to an insurance company you are getting cover, you will probably never make a claim in your life- so what else are you getting for your money?

    Insurance companies are there to make a profit for the insurance company and their share holders. The shooting organisations all, to my knowledge, operate on a not for profit basis so all their income goes back into achieving their objectives and servicing their members – their shareholders.

    Remember that all the organisations offer more than just insurance.

    To go shooting you need:

    • Somewhere to shoot
    • Something to shot at
    • Something to shoot with

    An insurance company cannot deliver that – I would argue that the shooting organisations do – so who should you support? An insurance company or a shooting organisation? I know where my £ is going!

    Best wishes


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    Well said 300WSM, clever words and well used phrases cannot disguise the amount of members money that is not being put to best use. It is the small things that really annoy me, first class rail travel, and disparate mobile phones were I believe two that have been mentioned recently. If I have got that right then I believe that we have a legitimate reason to complain.


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    Quote Originally Posted by David BASC
    To go shooting you need:

    • Somewhere to shoot
    • Something to shot at
    • Something to shoot with

    An insurance company cannot deliver that – I would argue that the shooting organisations do – so who should you support? An insurance company or a shooting organisation? I know where my £ is going!
    Excellent - an offer of something positive at last. As I'm a member of BASC, I'll look forward to being provided with a nice bit roe stalking in the Hampshire/Wiltshire area in return for my subs ...... thought not.

    So guess why I'm a member? No prizes.

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    I understand that the BASC does do some sterling work, however it really is not run by the members for the members, the reason why, simple most of us wil not get of our arses and vote these "leeches" out of office.
    I was a member for many years didn't need them.
    Following a breakdown of my relationship the police unreasonably seized my guns, the BASC said I should maybe take up fishing for a while..
    Luckily I was also a member of The Shooters Rights Association, a great bloke called Richard Law fought the police tooth and nail and got my certificate re-instated
    So I had something to shoot with David
    I also seem to remember it was the countryside alliance that has made some of the biggest impacts so far on public awareness, or were the shareholders having a little bubbly at the time.. got to have a little bubbly have the shareholders eh

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    Not sure where you get the idea that we go round spending members money on posh lunches-, first class rail travel chapagne etcetc. This is simply an emotive accusation that cannot be proven of course, but one that as you see has evoked the sort of response you were after I am sure. I will not be drawn again on unsubstantiated accusation. Making accusations like that does nothing for the debate in my opinion, so can we agree to stop this?

    BASC’s objectives are (we hope) clear- all our work aims to make sure that we have:

    A strong and unified voice for shooting
    All-party backing for shooting
    Balanced comment in the media
    Continuing opportunity to go shooting
    High standards

    How do we do this?

    Political lobbying plays a major roll with the first two.

    Developing positive and strong relationships with the media take care of no 3

    More lobbying, for no 4, together with the efforts we put into develop the stalking schemes, wildfowling permit schemes and the ‘Go Shooting’ project where we offer free adverts to members to promote their shooting opportunities.

    For the final point this relies heavily on training courses and codes of practice for example.

    Over and above this of course our teams here are on call to support members with advice and guidance – for example:

    Game shooting
    Firearms issues
    Shoot management
    Shoot improvement
    Health & Safety
    Shooting leases

    And BASC is run by the members- the members vote for members to be elected to the ruling Council for goodnes sake!

    Clever words- well how else can I respond!

    Ok ready to get shot down in flames for trying to answer the points you ask.

    Best wishes


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    Thank you for your honesty.

    I agree with you in so far as part of the measure is what happens when you call for help- but the other part of the measure is how effective the organisation is at achieving it's objectives.

    BASC cannot exist without members - we all know that

    If you feel we have let you down I am sorry.

    If you want me to look into the two cases where you feel we let you down please send me the details and I will gladly look into this for you. PM me or e-mail me directly if you wish.,

    Thanks again.


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    I did not make emotive accusations that cannot be proven, I did say these things in order to get a response, but the response I was after was from you assuring me that our money is not misspent. You have only said these accusations cannot be proven, you have made no attempt to disprove them. I was pretty sure I read on this forum about the train and mobile phone thing, in fact I thought it was Griff that mentioned it in one of his earlier posts. He, if it was him, was highlighting his surprise at the use of differing phone networks by the Council, and the use of first class rail travel, are you telling me, us, this is not the case?

    "Making accusations like that does nothing for the debate in my opinion, so can we agree to stop this?" No we can't agree, I can't agree, if you don't like it we don't talk about? I don't think so. Just answer these two points for me and I will shut up about it, nothing technical over policy or anything like that, simple stuff.

    The mobile phones used by the ruling Council, and paid for by BASC, are they on different networks with different price plans or or they on a negotiated one network rate?

    First class rail travel, is this a fact or not. Is it an option for the Council and if it is, is it an option that is taken up?

    Simple questions that require simple answers, not the party line in the form of a political broadcast.

    You rightly point out that it is the members that elect members to the ruling council but as was pointed out earlier, BASC has 127,000 members and only 3% of them voted, it sounds as if apathy played a great part in electing our Council.

    I am not denying the fact that there needs to be a lot of politicking to make the whole show run smoothly, that it needs a substantial support system to sustain it and that these things come at a price, however I also need to know that my, our, money is not being wasted.

    How else can I respond?


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