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Thread: business opportunity?

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    business opportunity?

    lakelander and heym rifles.

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    not much stalking or fishing for 15,000 a year rates

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    Plus you have to pay the keeper and housekeeper!

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    seems viable to be honest,
    20 stags and 15 hinds
    40 salmon and 50 sea trout

    all that equates roughly to

    20 x 100 2000
    15 x 75 1125
    40 x 50 2000
    50 x 30 1500

    Thats 6625 and say 3000 on top for blank days meat etc
    If you charge for accomadation 3/4k year revenue

    Then any other let days on birds etc etc.

    If i had the money in the bank and a pension to support me i would give it ago.
    I reckon you will make it a viable business.
    be mad not to try. i would even attempt 10% drop in rent as well in these hard times...

    if anyone from here does try it i wish you the best.


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    Looks like a 'business opportunity' if you want the 'Administrator' in at the end of Year 1! Lease is FRI which means you are fully responsible for all maintenance and repair of the buildings and land.

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    The expression "Money Pit" comes to mind.

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    from the agent,

    85k to run per year on average
    inc fuel as no electric

    14k return going on past figures

    yes your right its a loss leader

    they say its a hobby not a business and are looking for someone with deep pockets

    i was wrong, a little bit

    atb f,

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