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Thread: Received a gift, do you know anything about it

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    Received a gift, do you know anything about it


    i received a knife from a client.
    An usual gift you may think but they knew i was into stalking.
    The lady who gifted it to me says her dad was also into stalking and it was his.
    Although i declined it she did insist.
    I said i would have some work done on it and bring it back to her so she can see it in it former glory.
    Although it would have had two knifes on it originally the small one has been broken of.
    if anyone knows anything about this type of knife and or where i can get it fixed and cleaned id appreciate it.

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    knife made by taylor sheffield has written on blade real knife and wet west also an eye in middle of real knife
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    A history of Taylors is here:'s_Eye_Witness_Works

    You should be able to get some info on restoration on the British Blades forum.

    I have one of their pocket knives in my pocket now, given to me by my father when I went off to Agricultural College in 1961.

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