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Thread: Hello from N. Herefordshire

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    Hello from N. Herefordshire

    Hello to all. I have been stalking the forum for some time, looking and learning!!! Thereís certainly a fantastic wealth of experience to tap..

    Been shooting all my life but mainly air-rifles and shotguns. Living on a small farm in North Herefordshire was a great upbringing. I always wanted to go down the FAC route but was always told we didnít have sufficient ground at home and didnít really think about getting permission off other neighbours and friends.

    Well have at last got it in hand! FAC just granted for .22LR, .17HMR and .243. Have got the rimfires sorted and thanks a great deal to ezzy6.5 off the site for his patience in waiting for my ticket to arrive so I could buy his HMR . West Mercia didnít rush but overall could have given me a much harder time. I do have a supervision condition for the .243 (as I expected and am happy about) but not for a named mentor even though I gave them the name of a suitably qualified Open FAC holder. Hopefully this is a good thing as not quite so restrictive.

    Will be looking out for a fairly budget .243 to get me going. Would be happy with a good old Parker Hale or similar if I can track one down.. For the time being Iíll keep on looking and learning. Hoping to do DSC1 early next year.. Cheers guys.

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    Welcome to the SD Richard.

    I'm also in Herefordshire, with stalking permissions around Leominster and into South Shropshire. The West Mercia SD posse meet intermittently for a beer, so you'd be welcome to come along to meet a few local stalkers.

    Feel free to PM me for a chat.


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    Thanks Adam,
    I live on the edge of Pembridge so not too far away from the New Inn where I have noted you guys have had a get together before now!!

    I should probably say my home is Pembridge but for quite some time most of my working time and usually every other weekend has been spent down in Weymouth where I am doing a residential housing project... Hopefully the end is nearly in sight for that and I will be back home full time early next year.

    I'll drop you a PM and I,ve sussed there is another Pembridge SD member who I must drop a note to as well......

    All the very best


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    Welcome aboard mate.

    Have sent you a PM back.


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