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Thread: Hi all

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    Hi all

    Hi to every body on the site sorry for not getting back on sooner but after three weeks and two hours on my mobile I now have the internet at my new home.I look forwards to looking at the site again and catching up with the friends I have made on the site. Thanks 222cwd

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    Welcome Back!!

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    You have just moved into your new house with your charming lady. Yeah the last thing I would be thinking about is this site too matey.

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    She was only here two days then when house sitting for a month so I have had to learn the hard way after living at home for 27 years and never having to cook, wash up and do house work.

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    I never bother, whatever I do around the house is wrong anyway; so by doing nothing I'm keeping the peace! Its good to see you back on the site again. Where is the old fella? He hardly ever posts anymore.

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    Welcome back 222cwd.


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    hi all

    Just to confirm i am still in the land of the living but thanks for the concern i am busy getting ready for my birds checking fences, spraying round electrick wire washing feeders and drinkers and chasing munties as the elephant grass is getting to tall now to see them .I only got one ,222cwd got 5 im perhaps to old for it but i dont need comfirmation on that one cheers MUDDY

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    good to see you on again mate, look forward to having a beer and a chat at the cla game fair.

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    welcome back mate
    glad you are settling in okay and ellie has her priorities in order
    good luck to you both
    speak soon

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