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Thread: win 223wssm

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    win 223wssm

    anyone had any use of this round i was thinking of purchasing a rifle but seems many good and bad reviews anyone used one

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    This is one of the biggest "turkeys" that Winchester has ever foisted on the shooting public. I have shot three different 223 WSSM's and they fed poorly from the magazine and shot even worse. Gundealers here in the States can hardly give the rifles away and components are scarce. Avoid it. That's my advice...~Muir

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    thanks muir on that i was wondering as it seems most folk have a lot of trouble with this round not shooting well thank you very much looks like either .223 or 22/250

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    Hi Kaduflyer.

    As I have posted before.

    I don’t own a 223 WSSM but I do own its big brother, the 243 WSSM. The 243 is overbored, but the 223 even more so, the case is better match to a 6.5/25cal for a more balanced cartridge.

    WSSMs are pretty much a reloaders cartridge if you want a guarantied supply of ammo.
    The WSSM cases take a bit of work to get the best out them when reloading, the brass is very thick to withstand the magnum pressures these cartridges are able of generating. The thick necks can lead to problems getting consistence neck tension; inconsistence neck tension can lead to inaccuracy. To get round this you can use a Lee bullet crimp or have a custom neck turn chamber for your rifle, the former is a much cheaper option, and what I use. I get 5/8 inch groups out of my home loads but I have been advised on a USA site that my loads are 4gns under max’ I know the velocity of my home loads is about 100fps less than can be achieved. (See Muir I am not the speed merchant you thought).

    You need to anneal the cases from time to time to help prevent the necks splitting as well.

    I have not had any problem with feeding from the mag’ with my A-Bolt, I have heard that Winchesters are not quite as good. That said the bolt does feel a bit clucky feeding them fat cases compared to a 308/30-06 based cartridge.

    The WSSM is getting a niche following among AR15 users, with uppers now being available for use with cartridges base on this case often necked up to 6.5/7mm or 30cal, this gives better performance than a AR10 in a smaller package, not too relevant in the UK of course as we can’t own semis.

    I think you would be better off with either of the other 22CFs you mention.


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    I bought one around 4 years ago from Ritchies of Grantown. I could not get it to group when zeroing, 2 bullets would be touching with the third always a flyer. Returned it to the above who also had same problem when zeroing. It was then sent down south to re-bed the action. Returned with the same results. In the end he gave me my money back. Thats just my experience though if it helps.

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    Shame ! I have had all the WSSMs and still have a 25 and am more than satisfied with all.

    Browning do on occasions have feed problems but I have now had 3 WW rifles in WSSM 223 243 & 25 and had no probs with any but the 2 Brownungs I had were returned and monies refunded 223 and 243 as not fit for the purpose.

    Try before you buy anmd I am sure you will be more than satisfied. despite all the bad publicity those that still use them find them a good round with certain advantages over the equivilent standard round.

    The same goes for the WSMs as well - I wouldnt change my 325 for anything else. What else shoots 'well' with 125 -220 grn faster and equally as accurate as the best of the rest - nothing !

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    many thanks have now purchased 223 off thars brother many thanks on the advice

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