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Thread: dry firing

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    Question dry firing

    dry firing does it damage the rifle?

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    Try here, only a few posts old and lots to read.....
    "There comes in the dead of night a hand of cold steel that plucks the German sentries from their posts"
    WSC 1942

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    no not really

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    Depends on design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    Depends on design.
    what design is not advisable to dryfire?
    i no its not good for a shotgun but always was told its ok in a rifle!
    would appreciate your knowledge.


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    As I say it depends upon design. Some rifles are not as robust as others. I would not be dry firing a Ruger No1 too much as I am not sure about the pin hammer relationship so why risk it. Same goes for soem lever action rifles. The locla gun club seems to have a rifle out of commission regularly while they await new a firing pin. He had trouble gettign one for a Winchester for some reason. I believe they have had some breakages on Marlinsa s well.

    Shotguns are not good for dry firing due to the way the firing pins arcs through the breech face. Some rifles like break action single shots or those built on a shotgun type action are also not suitable for dry firing. I am not sure abotu a lot of the modern designs as I have little experieince with them.

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    Centrefire generally ok with a few design exceptions (as Brithunter has already mentioned).

    Rimfire - no way!

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    "There comes in the dead of night a hand of cold steel that plucks the German sentries from their posts"
    WSC 1942

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    yes im taking about centrefire sak 85 by the way,i see a lot of rifle instructors say dry fire as much as pos as a matter of practice and to get use to the trigger pull.
    might be just as well to use a snap cap?

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    Snap caps are not a bad idea just make sure they are light as a heavy, say solid brass one may strain the extractor/ejector. Remember they were designed to tackle empty cases in the main. Drill cartridges usually had alloy or wooden bullets to reduce this risk.

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