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    Hi all what are the best and warmest socks you can buy any help cheers all Neil

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    sorry all just seen the thred on warm socks iv not been on for a bit but cheers all Neil

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    Hey Biglad,
    Off the back of the last sock thread I found some of the bridgedale ones that came highly recommended at a bargain price!
    I've now bought some of the mountain ones as well as the summit ones and they are both very good. They are factory seconds with slight blemishes in the stitching but the deer don't seem to notice this fact when they are inside your boots!
    This chap is a great seller too!

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    Thanks MS 6 to 11s out of stock . cheers for that tho mate will keep my eye out Neil

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    Boot socks from orvis, best I have ever bought and last for yrs

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    I've always used Falke TK4. This week I bought a pair heavyweight Bridgedales, which seem to be about the same quality. The man in the trekking shop recommended me heavy socks from . I will have them next week and give the a good test.

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    Go onto Bass Pro's website and look for their Lifetime Guarantee Hunting Socks. They are 88% merino Lambswool. $9.99!!!

    I bought a pair when I was over 2 years ago. Still cannot wear them out! this year I bought another 2 pairs, a thick winter pair and a slightly lighter weight pair. It was -16 with us this morning, inside welly boots walking dogs my feet were never cold. Best buy ever in socks!

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    Thorlo - ST Mountaineering Sock

    The best I've ever worn ,well worth the cash.

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