I received this letter this morning by e-Mail as no doubt many of you have too.


Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) has just completed a full review of its Deer Control Leasing policy and procedures. As a result of this review FCS intends implementing the following changes commencing 1 December 2010:-

1. A gradual move away from Deer Control Leases to Deer Control Permissions. This change will allow FCS to streamline the administrative process, resulting in cost savings and a more efficient service.

2. FCS will no longer hold an 'interested parties database' for potential customers, either for permissions or to become a ‘deer contract controller' (see 3 below)

3. As a result of 2 above, all Deer Control Permissions and Deer Culling Contracts will be advertised on the Forestry Commission Internet site. All documents can be readily downloaded by prospective applicants. This approach is consistent with procedures now in place for any new contracts tendered by the Forestry Commission. Details of new permissions or contracts can be found at the following web address:- Forestry Commission - Tenders in GB

If you are interested in any Deer Control Permissions or Deer Control Contracts in the future please ensure that you visit the above web site on a regular basis, at least every 2-3 weeks.