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Thread: CsVenator Deer management software

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    CsVenator Deer management software

    Is anyone using this software ? Does anyone have the contact phone number to speak to the guy ? the website seems to not be up and running now and i need to re install the software but it keeps getting blocked, this happened on first install and the guy phoned me to tell me what to do, but now its as if they have dissapeared.

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    Just a guess here, but try installing it in safe mode or use windows compatibility mode.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Thanks Limulus, but last time it was alot more than just install in safe mode.

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    Hi I had the same problem,I went threw a complex code system.No longer in business I am afraid.
    When I have more time tomorrow I will see if I still have the code run that I was given.

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    CSVenitor has a unique code per PC. you can't just use someone elses.

    If I remember, earlier on in the year they offered the software with the code restriction removed. I think I have the software somewhere and if I find it I will PM you.


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    Yep Rodger called it a day and went else where with other ventures,

    they offer the software to customer unlocked for a charge, i gave up as didnt want to pay again and went back to paper version.
    you could try TECHNICAL SUPPORT <> see if they still check the mail.

    unfortunately with no unlock code generator all of us with the old disk has a tea coaster.

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    Email from Roger.....

    "Fellow deer stalkers,

    It is with regret that, after 4 years of investment, product development and building a customer base within the deer stalking community, we have reluctantly come to the conclusion that our software business providing CSVenator deer management solutions, is not commercially viable and will be wound up.

    During this time, we have received very favourable feedback on the products but unfortunately the volume of sales has not reflected the reputation of the software. However, we are aware that a large percentage of our customers now rely upon the software for record keeping and reporting to land owners or estate managers.

    As you will be aware, the security on the current products prevents moving the software between PCs, added to which, the Microsoft move to Vista and Windows 7 has caused installation problems with the current security software. To overcome this problem and to enable users to move products across PCs, we have developed a portable version of the software which will work across all the Windows versions without the need for authorisation codes."

    I have the CD But am am fairly sure I would breach copyright if I made it available to download.

    I will email Roger to see if he is comfortable with this;


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    MMM unlocking software for a charge, i bought the software new, not second hand, need to install onto new laptop, this is a bugger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roebuck270 View Post
    MMM unlocking software for a charge, i bought the software new, not second hand, need to install onto new laptop, this is a bugger
    In normal circumstances you would be able to email them and they would give you a new code, but as they are n't trading this maybe difficult.

    I have emailed Roger to see what the options are.

    Will pm you when i hear...if I do.

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