With great reluctance, i write this feedback.

I had decided to write a bad feedback so that no one takes on the offer the next year.
However i must be honest.

We all had a CRACKING time.
No one i knew was disappointed. its a wonderful and a friendly shoot.
**** the game keeper was a lovely chap who looked after us. The beaters were really nice and polite too.
Friendly and a safe shoot.
Made good friends. Had an amazing time.

Ive had my own syndicate and have been to a few shoots round the country but this shoot is exceptionally good value for money.

I havent personally met dancoventry and write this on my own free will. And no this doesnt entitle me to a discount.

I wish him all the best.

Suggestions for improvement:

Provide lunch
Allow shooting of rabbits.

(this was feed back while we were meeting up after the shoot and exchanging numbers and taking pics)

Will i go again next year?