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Thread: Ferreters Required.

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    Ferreters Still Required.

    I am still looking for some ferreters to clear some rabbits off the land I shoot on.

    They have got a little lamp shy and I think ferrets would be the way forward.

    I would prefer 1 or maybe 2x experienced ferreters without dogs and guns.

    I did have some interest before, but I didn't get back to the guys in time and they are no longer interested.

    I am based near Market Harborough Leicestershire.

    P.M me if your interested.
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    Pitty your so south ,i have a great team of ferretters here, ya could have borrowed. i'll have a chat to them
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    any idea how i pm!!!!!!!!!

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    hi longhair, click on the members name and a box will drop down with the option to pm.

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    i new that realy

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    Ferreters wanted

    Quote Originally Posted by robbobsam View Post
    I am looking for some experienced ferreters to clear the remaining rabbits from the land I shoot on.

    The remaining ones are a bit lamp shy but still available in large numbers.

    If you have your own ferrets and nets and live near to Market Harborour Leicestershire and want some ferreting land please contact me via PM.

    If you are interested and you live a long way off why don't you come over early and do a full day. I can get the missus to do us a hot dinner and bring us hot drinks throughout the day.

    If you are interested you can come lamping with me afterwards as well.

    The fields are alive with rabbits.
    I sent a PM two weeks ago and still waiting for a reply ye old stalker

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    Sorry guys, I have been a bit busy and not been keeping an eye on this thread.

    Please get in touch if your still interested.

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    hi im in leicestershire if this is still available, atb

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    Look at the date, account suspended, and you need to post an introduction. deerwarden

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