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Thread: 6.5x55 loads

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    6.5x55 loads

    hi anyone had any good 6.5x55 loads for modern action rifle using 120 grainers thanks

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    hi chickenman thanks for that have checked it out and doing some development loads now thanks

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    Kadu..sent you a Pm re pressures problem

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    In my Lawton 7000 with 22" LW barrel: Lapua Brass, 49.0 Gns RL22, Federal GM210M primer, 120 Gn NBT, shot in the .3's all the time, 2836 fps chrono , ES 15 fps.

    Dropped Roe, Fallow, DRT and the occasional Fox hated it.

    Usual provisos apply even if this was not a hot load in this particular rifle.

    Good luck with yours.


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