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Thread: Ageing Deer

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    Ageing Deer


    If anyone has some pictures or diagrams on how to age a deer based on its dentition that would be a great addition to the site.

    I understand that it is a rough guess at best, and depends on the local ground etc, but is always a source of debate when a couple of stalkers gather over a carcass for some 'post-match analysis'....



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    Hi Gabriel,
    I have some scans of ageing process in Roe Deer if you are interested but the best publication to get hold of is Forestry Commission Bulletin 105 - Roe Deer Biology and Management (£5.50 from website)
    It's got good detail on aeging and gives photos of the cementum layers. (only true way of ageing a beast)

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    And all you asked for was dentition - that'll teach you!

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    Detention,!!! for me ,my I have a lot to learn fellas, still a good read.

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    Once on the deck, they arn't getting any older!!!

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