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Thread: Semi Custom Sako 85 (Stainless syn) in .300WSM

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    Semi Custom Sako 85 (Stainless syn) in .300WSM

    Dear all

    I have decieded to sell my Semi Custom Sako 85 (Stn Syn) in .300 WSM built by Brock & Norris. All work carried out by Mike Norris and is second to none.

    The rifle shots sub half groups with 165 grn BTs (load data obviously available) and thios load was actually the first load I tested and I stopped there and then. The rifle is almost brand new (condition is as new) and has fired less than 100 rounds.

    Specification of the rifle is as follows:-

    Sako 85 SM action (stainless)

    Pac Nor barrel no.4 fluted, 10 twist and finished at 24". Screw cut with invisible end cap M14x1 spigotted.

    McMillan stock which has been glass and pillar bedded as part of the job. The stock took nearly 12 months to arrive and was a special order from McMillan and I had to have a friend in the USA send a 85 SM barrelled action to McMillan in order for them to produce it.

    The .300 WSM makes for an excellent plains game option or use for big woodland reds, boar or medium to long range hunting. You get alot of bang for your buck in my opinion with the WSM cartridges i.e. alot of performance with mitigated recoil and I put this down to the short powder stack and design of the cartridge itself.

    I am asking for 2,000 for the rifle (scope and mod not included) as the build cost just over 3,000 in the first place and the rifle is virtually brand new.

    I intend to put up some more detailed pictures over the next couple of days, especially if there is any interest.

    Please PM me with any questions.



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    Now SOLD



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