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Thread: pheasant shooting season

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    Thumbs up pheasant shooting season

    hi all, im sure this has been covered before, but when will the gov,
    move the pheasant season into febuary.
    october is too warm and a waste of the month.
    febuary would benifit with the cooler climate and wintery conditions.
    what your thoughts.

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    There are pros and cons on this subject. Much will depend on where you are and the type of shoot you have. Extending the season, that is keeping October in, would as far as I am concerned be a waste of time as hard weather drives my birds out.
    I start in mid October and by mid Jan am struggling if the weatheris bad. So as far as other shoots go there could be a case for going into February as the poults could come in a month later and would probably hold better as the Autumn came in.
    There seems to me no valid reason why birds could not be shot into Feb as breeding is concerned. Adding February on would allow those who wanted to shoot early or later to do so. However, most keepers are quite happy to see the end of January as there is plenty to do in February without shooting!!!

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    My main problem with shooting in October is that so few of this year's poults are fully tailed and good flyers until late in the month and I've got no interest in shooting birds that can't fly properly.

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    We stick to the redlegs until november then shoot the cover crops before descending on the woods during december onwards.
    Wed do see the greys paired up by the end of jan but we try not to shoot them anyway
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    totaly agree with you paul,
    i had the same problem this year.

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