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Thread: could anybody tell me about this qualification please

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    could anybody tell me about this qualification please

    HNCDM qualified stalker

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    Looks like a higher national certificate in deer management.
    Someone, somewhere, must be running a recognised deer management qualification at the higher level of national certification (as opposed to ordinary)

    in edit. I should mention that HNC became btec some considerable time ago.
    Below is a link to my website.
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    I think you should contact Mr Waters at North Highland College Thurso who run a course like this at Reay Estate belonging to Mr Minter. Not sure how may years it takes, however there are lads from all over Scotland who get placed with estates throughout Scotland for work experience. One student every year has the British Deer Society picking up the tab.

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    what would the current equivalent be and is there a list of all people on it ?

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    I suspect it's an NVQ qualification currently being used in the Land Management field. List of people on it, I suppose there will be a list of 1st year 2nd year etc if it's in the public domain, the students names that is. Contact North Highland Colleges Thurso's Land Manangement Department. Head of department is James Munro and head of the keepering section I believe is John Waters

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    John has now retired from the North Highland College - Richard Macnicol(head) and David Shaw are the men in the gamekeeping department.

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    John Waters has long since retired .The contact is Richard McNicol

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    Didn't realise John had retired, he gave a presentation last year at Sandside House on the Land Management department, I assumed he was still on the books, sorry to mislead !

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