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Thread: Suggestions on a

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    Suggestions on a

    Sound moderator.

    Ok, so my new rifle is here, a Tikka T3 .270 Stainless camo. I am wanting suggestions on which moderator to go for. I know there are lots of different models on the market from the T8s and wildcat can types, to the smaller ASE, types. At the moment i am using this type on my .243 and am very happy with it, but was maybe wondering whether to look at some of the smaller types. The thing i have to be wary of is the more recoil i will get back with the smaller models than the bigger ones, or maybe not, those with smaller type ones with be able to tell me if it does affect recoil. I have also owned a PES, which to be fair served me well but was heavy after a while carrying it for a while.

    So come on, i`m open to suggestions.

    Mods, please move If this is in the wrong section.


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    I have a T8 on my 22-250 and a jet-z on my 0.308, I like the Jet-Z as i seem to have a better balance rifle on the .308, lighter for a days stalking as well.
    I wouldnt hesitate in recommending the Jet-Z.....just my opinion though, I am sure others will both agree and disagree.
    Regards, John.

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    I have a .270 stainless synthetic X Bolt. I would imagine its a similar weight rifle to your Tikka or maybe a touch lighter.
    I have an A-Tech CMM4 on it and find it superb. It may not be just as quiet as some of the bigger moderators but the joy of carrying a balanced lighter outfit outweighs this for me.
    The A-Tech is acceptably quiet and suppresses recoil enough for me to see the bullet strike without too much jump, which, as you will know can be a problem with unmoderated .270's.
    I don't know what type of stalking you do but for me, when carrying a rifle for miles on the hill there has to be a weight and balance trade off and the A-Tech CMM4 is to be commended for this.

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    I have an ATEC CMM4 on my 25-06, its a great mod, what i like about is the light weight, it dosnt have the tingy sound that you get with the t8/t4 when you hit it off something when stalking.

    I find the noise reduction very good and you see the animal taking the shot, cant recomend the mod enough.


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    Another vote for the Atec cmm4, I have one on my .243

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    For a muzzle can the Atec CMM is a good shout.If you want a reflex type the Third Eye Tactical Spartan is an excellent mod

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    I would go with a PES muzzle can over a Jet-z. I own both, infact I own 2 Jet-z. The PES muzzle can is lighter and does not rust. Did I mention it is also over 100 cheaper.

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    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

    Good deals with ~ deako ~ sakowsm ~ dryan ~ 2734neil ~ mo ~ riggers ~ mmbeatle ~ seanct ~ an du ru fox

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    I have used a Predator Compact moderator on my .270 for the last 18 months and it works fine and weighs less than the P8 and T8. However, I was using a .270 Blaser in Ireland, fitted with an Ase Utra Compact. The sound moderation was excellent and it was possible to retain sight picture, which I find difficult with my own rifle. Expensive bit of kit though.

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    I have used the Ase Utra and found this to be an excellent moderator but not great for the balance of the gun, Very compact and efficient though.

    At the moment I am using a Wildcat P8 (50 brand new on e-bay !!!) Superb quiet ,well balanced and easy to strip and clean.
    You`ll not find it for 50 bucks though, that was a total fluke.


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