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Thread: Mike Norris Ammo

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    Mike Norris Ammo

    Does anyone use ammo made up for them by Mike Norris? I'm sure I read somewhere that he does a 'bespoke' ammo service.

    How are you getting on with them and how much does he charge for them?



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    He definitely does load development for your particular rifle - he may offer an ammo service, but you may wish to check. Either way, give him a call...because provided your gun is accurate, everything Mike touches is accurate!

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    In the copy of sporting rifle I was given with an article on Brock and Norris its around 240 for load development.

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    Mike has loaded my ammo for several years now (223 and 243 WSSM) These rounds were matched to the rifles and has been said earlier they are accurate!
    Good bloke, good service.

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    give me 240 and i'll develop a load for your rifle

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