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Thread: Beer/Meet in Ripon (NORTH YORKSHIRE)

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    Beer/Meet in Ripon (NORTH YORKSHIRE)

    A few of us are planning to go to one of the best pubs in North Yorkshire for a few real ales and a catch up. Would be good if there were a few of us.

    I know the Yorkshire meets are usually at Buckles, but decided to have one a little further north as to reduce the distance for others.

    Venue: One Eyed Rat Pub, Ripon
    Date: 20th December 2010
    Time: 1900ish

    It will be good to have a few beers and a catch up.

    POSTCODE: HG41LE - Allhallowgate, Ripon.
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    I can make that.

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    See you there


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    Sorry but Im away until January the 3rd.
    But would have gladly come down to meet you guys
    Anything you do similar would you let me know, I dont always look in social Events
    Have a great evening
    If any of Lancastrians, or worse still a Southerner turns up make sure you keep quarter of an inch in your glass so they have to get the beers in
    Did you know that copper wire was invented in the One Eyed Rat in Ripon in 1727
    One of the locals dropped a penny on the floor and a sharp eyed Scotchman picked it up before the local had a chance.
    In the ensuing fight with the Yorkshireman and the Scotchman over the penny this is when copper wire was invented
    All the very Best
    Humans are pre wired with fight or flight response
    Great Grandad fought, Grandad fought.
    For the sake of my Grandchild I wish for Less Flight responses entering Europe

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    Are we still on?

    whats the weather like up there?

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    Yep, no snow whatsoever.. bit chilly though although the pubs fire was roaring tonight.. had to go and check it was still there!

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    hi guys im not going to make it i am behind at work so need to work ,have a good night,atb wayne

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    shame its a tad far, im in osmotherly on tuesday morning, if anyone fancies a cuppa though

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