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Thread: Open season

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    Open season

    Has anybody had any dealings with 'open season' of late? I spoke to them last Tuesday to check if they had a Blaser barrel that I was after in stock, and was told that the item I was after (R8 in .308) was physically in stock and available for immediate delivery. I then made the usual calls and ordered the barrel through a local RFD. I was told that they would have it in store by Friday. Friday came and no barrel. I then made some calls to chase up the matter and was told that the bad weather had affected the couriers and it would be sent on Monday. Fair enough I thought. That was until I got the 'all being well' line. When I asked for a definition of 'all being well' I was then told that they didn't actually have the barrel in stock at all but were HOPING to have one in, that was I quote, 'in the country somewhere'. When asked why I was told that they had it in stock several days earlier (I was even told the exact number they had in stock) the answer was 'we hopefully will on Monday'. Not impressed to say the least.

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    Judging by the number of replies posted, I'm guessing they have the number of satisfied customers that I would have expected, based on the service I experienced.

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    I've ordered my R93 from them last week. They told me it should be "ex stock".

    I'll let you know in the next week or so whether that's true or not

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Very satisfied ......

    I noted some of the comments regarding the Game Fair. I have two Blaser R93 combinations, both of which I acquired at an attractive price because, I suspect, the two previous owners had some difficulty decocking without at the same time 'twitching' the trigger!

    However, I had a couple of light strikes without discharge on the plastic model, which although a few years old, appears virtually unused. Since I have a business in the area, I arranged to visit Open Season last Friday, intending to leave the rifle for a check over. However, I was treated to immediate service, a full strip and lube (the rifle, not me!), interesting chat and no charge! Possible diagnosis: rifle is still stiff, and may have been operator error in not closing bolt firmly. Treatment: get out and shoot it more.

    First rate and very affable service!

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    I would n't hold your breath for anything from open season least of all good service it seems even the truth is hard for them i have 2 r93's and wouldn't go to them for anything, they are a total disaster, couldn't even manage a decent show at the cla, the sooner they loose the blaser contract the better for all blaser owners. (shouldn't be long the way their going)

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    Open Season, Sportsman of Dorchester, sounds like they're all tarred with the same brush !!!

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    Delivery in January turned to February which eventually turned to March when I ordered an extra barrel from them last November!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bestman View Post
    Delivery in January turned to February which eventually turned to March when I ordered an extra barrel from them last November!
    super thats not bad...............ordered in october..2010 phoned 20 times plus,,,,,emails very numerous,,,,promised to be phoned back x12,,=zero phone calls,but,,,,,also no emails back.
    i evenually got my rifle in july 2011,FANTASTIC SERVICE,VERY RECOMMENDED.

    i will not order another blaser.xx many thanks rupert.

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    Dear Bestman

    Usually I do not bother with forums as everyone can write pretty much everything, true or not. I do however remember a few barrels and deliveries that we were extremely late on. In this case I think I should explain a couple of things. Sometimes it is neither the dealer's or the importers fault. When we order a barrel from the factory we are given a delivery date. Usually we add another 4 weeks just to be on the safe side not to disappoint the client. But we have had occasions when we were three months over the official delivery time and there is nothing we can do. If we cannot get the barrel we cannot get the barrel. Now you might say, "then stock more". The reply is: just which one out of the literally hundreds of barrel options are we supposed to stock? As I said this is not an excuse, just a little explanation as to why we might be either late or very late on occasions.

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    I agree with you if it really is beyond your control Robert , but how do you explain the lack of email and telephone calls to the customer . Doesn't take a minute and its called customer service .
    Regards Brough

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