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Thread: buck or a doe?

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    Question buck or a doe?

    Out this morning with my old man after does,spy a wee group of 3 appears to be 2 young does with their mum,perfect ,we shot the two young first,then got into a quick debate about mum,or dad!!!they were on the edge of a feild and after the first 2 shots the *doe*jumped into the edge of the wood and stood.
    But as it ran I couldn't see its white tuft on it arse!!and could swear I could see budds on its head!!anyway my old man said no its definatly a doe and before I could says no wait a min ,bang !!no3 in bag!!!
    Turns out he was right!!!the tuft of hair was very dark almost brown!!but there is 2 light markings where antlers should be with the slightest hint of antlers coming thruogh!!!!tell you what had me confused!!!
    Is this common,we have had over 300 roe between us but never seen this before!!

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    imo for what its worth i bet that doe was an older mature doe.
    i have seen some older larger does with marking on there head which during this time of year can mislead you...

    you know the saying
    helmets on

    atb f and well done good outing

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    I have shot does with antlers in velvet,couple of inches long,2 of them,both old mature does.I believe Prior has also said that it can be quite common in some areas!
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    That is the head of a doe I shot last winter.


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    One I arrested many years ago. `In photo stiff and dead before being decapitated.]

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    Yes, the doe was quite an old beast,in great nick,but its not doing so well now!!!!

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    We seem to get quite a few down here,I shoot a couple every year..........Martin

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    I dont know if there is a connection but in pheasants you get birds that change sex due to damage to the reproductive system. It always seems to be hens that turn partly into cocks by growing spurs, wattles and change their plumage. It has also been noted that it can happen with age as well.


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    Aye,we call them Jenny me luxes but the doe had 2 healthy young does with her,couldn't tell if she was pregnant yet this year though,but she was quite old which seems to be a common factor on the comments so far.
    Interestingly I was explaning this to my wife and said that it might explain how her mother looks like she is growing stubble as she is getting older!!!lol!!!
    Bad move!!!might not be out for a while!!!

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    I may be gone sometime
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