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Thread: dangerous jobs for girls

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    dangerous jobs for girls

    thought i'd revive this old favourite for those that havent seen it.

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    Brilliant Gary !

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    That was tough to watch at times!
    The cop reminded me too much of the ex-missus with her attitude.
    Still worth a watch though.Thanks Gary

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    Thanks Gary, it was interesting to watch.

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    The cops over here are all like that ...

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    Thanks Gary,

    Was the first time i had seen that, reminds me of the year i spent in Africa


    If anyone has the contact details for this chap please pass them on, would love to go over for a month or so and work with him!
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    Thanks for that Gary... superb viewing but I think you may have also completely ruined my, up to now, blissful marriage!

    I am now hopelessly in love with Angie Pearce, the Navy markswoman!!!!

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    Thank you hadnt seen that...I assumed the rifle shots are turned right down in the editing?

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    Worth a watch, it is fairly graphic and not too badly edited. I couldn't stand the Norn Irish Police girl, I dont think I could bare to be in the same room as her, her attitude stank.


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