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Thread: Gwp for fox

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    Gwp for fox

    Just wondering if any one uses a Gwp for following up and retrieving foxes. Most of my shooting is cf for foxes and I take along my 2yr Gwp bitch everytime I go out. I want to use her to find foxes that have been shot at night. So far she won't show any interest in the foxes if they are dead. The one time she came across a fox in the final throws of death she did show interest and shook the fox.

    I believe this breed can be slow to mature and maybe she is not mentally switched on to foxes yet. This doesn't help much as I need her to at least locate shot foxes ideally retrieve them.

    Thanks in advance for your experiences with this breed


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    I sold a GWP pup from a litter I had in 2003 to a chap from the North of England. he told me that his old one retrieved every fox that was shot in the lamp. he sat in the back of the pick-up and was sent from there after the shot. he could apparently clear gates easily whilst carrying them too. I was told by the owner of the stud I used that part of German field trials/tests require them to carry a fox back and clear an obstacle. Don't ask me what kind of tests this is used in but the obvious thing is that they are more than capable.

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    I have a GWP who when he was younger was quite capable of dealing with foxes, he seemed to have a natural hatred of them. I read that when the breed was being developed pups were delibrately set against foxes and cats (feral cats being a nuisance in Germany) and any dog who showed fear wasn't bred from. I don't know how true this is but most owners of GWP's have tales to tell of their dogs and of cats that crossed their paths at some time.
    I must stress that I have never encouraged this trait in my dog and have done my best to discourage it.

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    I have used my Trudvang bred bitch when foxing, she hates foxes, if they were not dead after the shot when she got to them they soon would be. She has been trained to leave cats alone but I am very conscious that this is learned behaviour and I am sure left to her own devises her instinct would be to kill everyone she could.

    Despite this hatred of foxes, she is completely sociable with other dogs.

    I would give him another year yet before he is fully mature.



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    Any pet cat which strays 200 m from the boundary of villages, towns etc in Germany is defined in law as vermin.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    All dogs used for hunting must retrieve a dead fox over an obstacle in their
    "finished " dog test, the VGP. This includes pointers and setters as well as HPR's and retrieving breeds.

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    they sure will do the job and very nicely, my bitch is 3 and a half now and has been out lamping pretty much since I've had her. Only let her start finding properly dead ones at 6 months and playing a little with them and have taken it from there. She absolutely loves foxes and though a follow up on an injured one is pretty rare as long as they have a reasonable hit she will find them. Also very useful in stubble if you've taken the lamp off a fox and can't find it. Retrieves them nicely funnily enough she also had a cat phobia as well and I have to be very careful with her in my village as I could do without being known as the owner of the cat killer here is a quick pic of one she is begging to run again. The best advice though if you are going to use on foxes is to make sure they are on Stronghold for flea treatment as it will sort out most parasites foxes carry

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    GWP's are THE fox dog

    Here's the sire to my current litter of GWP's

    I have 2 bitches and they are both mustard on bazil brush!!! they certainly donít last long if they have any puff left in them.

    Just like a terrier with a rat. Awesome
    Dennis Groom, make every shot a good one

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    Mine is pretty good on foxes and will indicate on unshot ones:

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    Very cool!

    Sadly, in Alaska all foxes (arctic and red and red color morphs) are considered "fur-bearers", and as such, to even have a dog with you when you call them is a violation of the law. I'd LOVE to be able to use a dog when I hunt fox. I have a Scottie that always 'gets after' any that I bring home whole. He clearly doesn't like them. If any come around the house, he 'lights up' like a Christmas tree. While I'm sure Scotties are small for the task, does anyone there use them for retrieving foxes?


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