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Thread: Cape Buffalo hunting in Caprivi region of Namibia with Van Heerden Safaris

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    Cape Buffalo hunting in Caprivi region of Namibia with Van Heerden Safaris

    Hi Guys,

    Just back from 10 day cape buffalo hunt in the Caprivi with
    Van Heerden Safaris have hunting rights for the Dzoti tribal conservancy, which is one of the few areas where you can still hunt four of the big five in Namibia.

    I caught a connecting flight from the capital Windhoek up to KatimaMuliloAirport at Mpacha, from which they arranged transfer to the hunting camp.

    Dzoti hunting concession is one of the youngest registered conservancies but definitely one of the most promising big game hunting areas in Namibia. The area comprises of 250 km˛ and borders directly with three major National Parks, with MudumoNational Park in the North-West as the border.
    The south –western limit is MamiliNational Park with its complex channel of reed beds, lakes and islands that make up the Linyanti swamps.

    The south eastern border is the LinyantiRiver of which the opposite shoreline belongs to the world renowned Chobe National Park of Botswana.

    Here spectacular herds of Elephant, Buffalo and Red Lechwe are some of the highlights. Plenty of Hippopotamus, big Crocodiles, Reedbuck and the more elusive Sitatunga are at home here.

    The hunting territory ranges from relatively open Mopani woodland to swampy reed marshland. We regularly saw large herds of buffalo but the big Dagga boys love to hide up during the day on islands surrounded by swamp, before venturing out as night falls, to raid the locals maize crops.

    Needless to say the tribes people are very keen for paying hunters to take out these raiders and provide the people with fresh meat!!

    Problem and meat animal hunts are often available at short notice, so for hunters who cannot afford trophy hunts, it is certainly worth enquiring about problem animal availability, as these hunts can be had at up to half the full trophy fee rates.

    For hunters who like a challenge, sneaking up on the big Dagga boys lying up in the swamps during the day is tricky to say the least, but a hell of a lot of fun!!

    I reckon its all part of the deal, however you must be prepared to get wet, muddy and eaten alive by mozzies. If that all sounds a bit daunting, then I suggest you stick to the relatively easy going, early morning stalk on the bigger mixed sex herds.

    The professional hunters, Hentie and Falco will guide you in selecting one of the big bulls that lead the herd, as they graze across the open Mopani grass lands.

    The herd I shot my bull from had at least ten trophy size bulls as big, if not bigger, than the one I shot with the .375 I borrowed from the PH.

    Both, Hentie and Falco are experienced, reputable hunters and regularly guide clients on Elephants, so their back up weapons of choice are a .458 Brno and .500 custom Jeffery open sighted rifles, for close quarters stopping power.

    The hunting accommodation is presently a tented camp with comfortable beds and good toilet and shower facilities in each tent. There is a communal tent for meals and the essential celebratory drinks after a successful days hunting.

    Their cook constantly impressed us with the standard of her cuisine and the rest of the staff took good care of house keeping duties, including washing my muddy trousers, ready for the next days hunting.

    I had a great time hunting plains game with Hentie Van Heerden previously in Damaraland, but there’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of hunting dangerous game species like Cape Buffalo, Elephant, Hippo and Crocodile.

    If cats is your thing, they also have Lion and Leopard on quota.

    Van Heerden Safaris have other conservancies in Namibia and also offer plains game ranch hunts for springbok , warthog, kudu, oryx, red hartebeast and zebra.

    Here’s a few pics to give you the flavour!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    looks like you had a great time thanks for the pictures atb,wayne

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    Nice little advert! I particularly liked picture no 3, with the bottle of jim beam next to the tomato sauce!

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    well done mate looks like u had a great time


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    well done mate great stuff. I used to guide in the Caprivi and i was based at Kongola, not to far from where you were. Heres a pic of a herd of buff over 600 strong in the caprivi. Wild Africa....i do miss it.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails mamili woohoo 001 [640x480].jpg  

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    I hunted the area in 1990 with what was Hunters Africa (Gordon Cundell). Botswana is certainly a wonderful part of Africa, and plenty of Buff, Elephant, Lion and Leopard at that time.

    Looks like you had a great safari, nice Buff with a good wide head and nice tips, not too worn down.



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    The buff in pictures 10 and 11 is just beautiful with fabulous bosses (or is it boss for plural too?) To me an cape buff hunt would be the ultimate africa trip and it will one day be the pinnacle of a life time of hunting for me. I am uber jealous but looks like you had a great time .


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    ....a lesser man than me could be jealous!! Looks like a great trip....I picked up my mountain reedbuck head from the taxidermist last night (another 4 being mounted) from my trip to SA a couple of years ago...have to say that, and your pics, make me want to go again....the kids don't REALLY need shoes, do they...???

    And as an aside, picture '3': you know you must be after serious stuff when the ammo on the table is bigger than the salt & pepper shakers!!


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