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Thread: need some christmas trees!

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    need some christmas trees!

    Not the big ones, some saplings to plant in a pheasant pen for cover.. The woods are a bit draughty and i think that small firs will help stop the wind while also being safe from bambi inside the pens. I can also harvest them at this time of year in 4-5 years time.

    SO.. where can i get some saplings reasonably priced and would i assume that april/may would be the time to plant?

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    i shoot a well grown forest and it has a lot of self planters that are about 1/3 inches tall.
    they would be great for you shame that your so far from me.
    i would let you have a bag full for free mate.
    i hope someone closer maybe able to assist

    there is also some fast growing alternatives available.
    i seen it in one of the shooting mags.

    atb f

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    We use this lot for our trees. Nearly half a million last year.

    Some nice Scots or Lodge Pole will thicken up the wood, also the Lodge Pole is great for Xmas trees
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    Hi Ben,

    I have 10 acres of young ferns. Douglas and Sitka. They take about 10 years to get to the point where you'll look to do the 1st thinning. I put down 200 birds and they have only really started to use them for cover. No pen here just point out. This morning they were all under them and using the feeders quite heavily...then I shot the roe doe and they all F***ked

    For roosting type of cover then I would get some of the fast growing cover trees you see advertised in the shooting times, as mentioned by central_stalker.

    If you need a chat then pm me and I will give you my number.

    Mailorder is your best bet and be sure to get 40" saplings and tubes.

    April/may or slightly before is ok, but chat with the seller. He is best to advise. Soil condition is the key to success here.


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    The pens are in deciduous woodland, its not overly dense but the trees are all mature. Just also wondering if spruce or the likes will grow under the summer canopy? Ive also thought about rhododendron. I plan on planting some willows along the wood edge to provide wind breaks from ground level to maybe 5' high..

    Any advice or thoughts appreciated..

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    Thats a good site...thanks.


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    Try not far from you at thorpe underwood

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    hopefully stone who is a member of the sd will see this ! he's your man you need to speake to, allow i think he maybe fed up to back teeth with christmas trees by now!


  9. #9 SUPER SITKA Contact natural england or any other group of its type they will give you trees to plant for free

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    If you have full summer canopy you will need a shade tolerant species. Spruce and the firs are light demanders and will not thrive. Western hemlock is the classic for planting in such a situation but this type of underplanting with exotics in native broadleaf is now frowned upon as it changes the soil conditions among other things. Happened a lot in the 50s-70s and is now distinctly out of fashion. You would be better off using native shade tolerant or semi shade tolerant species such as yew, holly, box etc perhaps with some hazel and goat willow in the areas with dappled rather than heavy shade. You may also consider (if you have control of the wood) the potential for benefitting from a Woodland Improvement Grant from the FC to accomplish part of your work.

    Please please please don't plant Rhododendron, Laurel, Snowberry or Mahonia. They're nightmares to eradicate once established and outcompete most natives to the long term detriment of the woods.

    Feel free to PM me if you wish. I'll be happy to advise if required.

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