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Thread: hi from new zealand

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    hi from new zealand

    hello from a kiwi hunter interesting topic's and plenty of info on this site.

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    Hello Kiwi


    I look forward to hearing more about NZ and your other thoughts

    I have found everyone really helpful with any questions I have had

    What part of NZ are you from ?


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    welcome aboard mate, pleased to have you here.


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    cheers guys live in the waikato.....just south of auckland.

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    Welcome to our site kiwi, get a few more of you antipodean boys and we will have to start a forum for hunting in your part of the world. Look forward to hearing about how it is done where you are.

    You going to the game fair? can't make it myself


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    Welcome to the site, gald to see we are attracting people from the other side of the world to join in

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    Hi Kiwi,
    Glad to hear that you are enjoying the site. Maybe you could write about some of your hunting experiences in NZ? I think that we would all look forward to that.

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    thanks i got a heads up on the site from the uk site the hunting life
    we are still in the middle of our game bird season here but i have been keeping an eye on the local fallow herd while out with the dogs chasing ducks, will need to shoot a deer soon for our hunt tests so might be time put the shotgun away and break out the 2506

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    hi kiwi
    welcome aboard
    just out of interest which island are you from and what do you hunt?

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    Hi mate ... great hunting and fishing in NZ welcome to our llittle bit of cyberspace 8)

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