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Thread: RPA - advice sought

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    RPA - advice sought

    Has anyone tried out an RPA Interceptor rifle?
    Thinking of getting one for mid-long range shooting, both hunting and target.
    Don't want anything light weight, which means the RPA stands a chance.
    But what is it like to set up, use, modify, get toys for?

    I know asking for advice re rifles can be a "hard-hat" moment
    but here goes...........
    ATB and thanks in advance

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    The range owner at Reepham Moor near Lincoln has an RPA Rangemaster and it is very accurate and at least one other has an RPA which mat be an Interceptor, not sure of the model, however he was havin extraction issues. I think it was the ammo and whena sked my opinion I stated that the ammunition was over pressure for that rifle. An aswer he didn't like as he said the ammunition had been pressure tested. Still the cases showed distinct pressure signs the primers were ironed totally flat and add that tot he fact that they were having to sue a cleanign rod to drive the case from the chamber is shouts too much pressure to me. The ammunition was new commercial production.

    RPA do not ahve sloppy chambers a fact which I believe he was not takign into account. They started off as purely target rifles and have evolved into other types. Their build quality from what I have seen is very good and the triggers are finely adjustable. I have shot Carl's Rangemaster on a couple of occasions and yes it's accurate but it's not for me. Too drastic plastic for my liking. That';s about my experience with them

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    Have a look at postings by Sean who is a member of this site.

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    i have a interceptor in 22/250 with 10 shot mag as you say its got a bit of weight to it but im not bothered by that. action is soild and imo nice to use. bolt lift is a little heavy but as i use it for foxing and vermin it doesnt bother me. it feeds well from the mag i dont get any jamming in mine. accuracy is superb i have put 10 shots into target covered by 5 pence piece

    and this was from a old load for a different rifle. the load i was given for it by the old owner shoots has shot .2
    ive just made some up of those loads as i was waiting on powder and bullets but now got that
    just got to get out to rezero. to this load.

    to be fair it doesnt seam to fussy what it shoots it shoots well. i like the 2 stage trigger on it better then the jewell trigger i had on my other rifle. mainly due to the fact it has a wider trigger blade which is good if you got big fingers. the jewell is superb dont get me wrong i just wish the blade was abit wider. if you get a quadlite rpa you can fit a jewell to it anyway if you want.

    if its a quadlock then the you have to use rpa triggers. the interceptor stock looks a little weird but is very nice to use. its ambi so that is good as even though my rifle is righthand bolt i shoot it lefthanded very well. cheek peice is adjustable and they have a superb bedding job on them for the action.

    butt pad you can get a 3 way fully adjustable one or use the standard rpa where you can take away or add shims to get right length of pull for you.
    if you look on hps site in gloucester they have all different bits for them. you can have rpa's own 20moa rail or 3rd eye tactical do them for the rpa if you dont want the 20moa
    they will do them in 0,10 and 20 moa and half the price of rpa's own rail.

    im glad i got my rpa i wouldnt pay the new price though as i think its to much and you could have a rifle to your spec for that by a good gunsmith.
    if you can find a secondhand one going about that will be worth buying for future build. there was one on guntrader in 22/250 with 10 shot mag system etc.

    would be nice to build on if you wanted it in a different caliber. i will prob go to 243 with mine in future or some other 6 mm. at the moment though its great in 22/250
    and with 1 in 12 twist will shoot 40 grains up to 63 grain heads.

    if you run them really hot it will blow the extractor on them as the lad i got mine off his mate done one on his. and its about 100 for a new one ! so dont go silly on the reloads.
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