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Thread: Good scope for Sako Quad .17HMR?

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    Good scope for Sako Quad .17HMR?

    I have a variation in for .17HMR and i like the look of the Sako Quad... any problems with these pricey rifles and what scope does the job on foxes in low light? Thanks.

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    I was told by a gunsmith that paying a lot of money for a rifle in this particular calibre did not always result in better accuracy to justify the extra expense. So, following this surprising advice from the trade on NOT spending more dosh, I was lucky enough to pick up a year old CZ from Jammiedodger on this site. Heavy barrel 20''. He had a trigger kit fitted, an AGS 8-32x56 Tactical scope (under 200 new) fitted and a SAK moderator. He even threw in 300rds of ammo and left the Butler Creek neoprene sling on it. 375. I never even haggled at this price.

    I have now fired a few rounds at a target and cannot see any benefit at least in accuracy in spending more money as on a still day at 100yds this easily shoots 'pinky nail' groups. I was told that this particular rifle is not fussy to what brand is put through it either.

    A keeper friend uses the Ruger and it is also a cracking looking piece of kit. I did look at a few rifles during the summer including the Sako and agree they look superb and are well made, I just couldn't justify the expense for a varmint rifle.

    Back to your question though, again for a rifle like this I'm too tight to shell out on very expensive scopes and although it has not been used other that at targets, i was very impressed with this scope. Clear, precise adjustment on turrets etc. My 2 young lads aged 8 & 9 have both had a shot and in their word, 'cool...', 'that's the biz dad...'. The youth of today!!!
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    x2, same scope (AGS 56 obj Tactical) for low light conditions on both my 17 , 22H & 223 with superb results , & a bargain price.

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    i have the sako quad in 17hmr and have the 22lr barrel, wish i had never got rid of my 2 cz's, it was not worth the money or the hype,in fact i am looking at selling the unused 22lr barrel and getting a cz 22lr again, if i could get 2 nice czs for mine i would do it in a flash,


    scope is a NSP 4/12x50 duplex.

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    Ive CZs in .17HMR and .22LR both the dogs I wouldnt swap them....17 cost me 215 and the .22 195 and thats all in scope. mod. rifle and at least 2 if not 3 mags....17 has hawk glass and the .22 has a fixed mag bisley and both do a good job.

    Save your cash get a CZ and blow the rest on loose women....Or a few extra outtings on the deer

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    I have a CZ .22 and .17 with 3 x 9 x 42 scopes as an all the time always been there - never use anything else

    I recently purchased few days ago a secondhand Hawke 30mm Eclipse IR scope off of here and for low light with low mag I was astounded with the clarity and with the coloured dot green or red it has been a delight to use

    I would put my hand up and state that until I had this one I wouldn't ever use a hawke (air gun fodder) scope on anything, until this one turned up.

    for twenty quid short of 200 pounds you can get a cracking scope The one I use on my HMR is faultless, even looking to buy another for the .22 for the low light thingy, alright its not like S&B, Swaro, Zeiss but neither is the price a cracking scope and a reasonable price - i didn't think I would be saying this about a hawke scope but I am impressed with the one I got secondhand as well

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    For the rifle I would say save some money and buy a CZ. Then use the money saved on the gun and put it towards some good glass, if you want low light performance. I have an 8x56 Schmidt & Bender on my HMR as I do on my 6.5x55 for low light performance it can make the difference between having to use a lamp or not if you want to use it on Foxes.
    But if you want a small foxing calibre consider a .22 Hornet very under rated gun and dirt cheap to reload. My mate has one and I have been impressed with it.

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    Another vote for the CZ. One of the most accurate 17HMR's I ever shot was a $199 (US) Marlin 917 so money isn't always the determiner of accuracy. Much is based on the particular lot of ammo.

    I would agree also about the Hornet. I have a CZ 527 American and there is none finer.~Muir

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    i have a zeiss 6x42 on my sako quad. its probably true that it is no more accurate than a cz but i had mine fingernail grouping at 50metres almost straight out of the box. i also like the build quality.

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    i have a meopta 6x42 with ballistic reticule on my CZ 22lr.

    Had a ruger 10/22 before this and would not change back. Trigger creeps but can be fixed easily and cheaply if it is an issue.

    Quick safe shots on bunnies it canny be beat.

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