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    I have a dilema
    I have a verbal agrement to pop bunnies, and a verbal to pop foxes on a piece of land! owned by a local the farmer. I am happy with this.

    when I ask him for written permission he just says its ok to pop away, and he will vouch for me !!!What if he has an off day and the Plod are nicking my guns for tresspassing or poaching ,I havn,t got a leg to stand on me thinks!!!
    Any thoughts.
    As much as I want to get stuck in threre ! I want to stay legal, any thoughts appreciated .

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    shooting over land

    Hi Trapper, Pete E is correct when he says the law for rabbit control is different to other vermin?game shooting. I had a farmer who was a tennant whose landlord did not like shooting. He had a rabbit problem and needed them cleared. I made a few enquiies and as I understood it the tennant could shoot over his land and could authorise one other gun to do the same, this right did not extend to pigeons etc: He could also give permission to any number of persons to ferret (no guns) at any time. Down here we dont have much police interest in what we do. If I were in your situation I would prepare a very brief note for the farmer to sign, if he refused then an option may well be to approach the police and explain your position. I have done this myself in the past and always found them ok. It may mean you advising them when you are likely to be about, but this is better than no shooting at all. Good lu ck.

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    olk keeper

    I would agree with old keeper on this one.


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    All sound advise thanks for your input.
    Regards Trapper

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    I think it's the Ground Game Act that covers this one guys, the occupier of the land can shoot rabbits or authorise his agent to do so for him..
    Think that is it Steve may know better than me on this one

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    all sounds very good advice, be carfull not to upset your farmer, Its very easy to do.

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    Am I correct in saying that the farmer has a legal responsibility to control rabbits and other crop-destroying vermin, but no responsibility to control fox?

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    The easiest would be for you to write the letter - simply To whom it may concern - I give permission for Trapper to shoot rabbits with his .22rf rifel on land that I occupy at.............. Your sincerely - friendly farmer.

    And say that you would like him to sign it so that you can confrim to the police that you have a good reason for holding the rifle.

    Most farmers are too busy / have no inclination to do any sort of deskwork - and have a pen with you to sign and a botlle of whisky to thank him for his efforts.

    Heym SR20

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    Under the Ground Game Act the farmer will have the legal right to control rabbits or nominate someone, preferably in writing to do so.
    Legal right and legal responsibility are not the same thing.


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