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Thread: Starting out .243

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    Starting out .243

    So, I've got my Ticket.
    I've got my mentor.
    I've got a reasonable amount of land.
    And I've got some some cash. Technically i've got 1500 for a rifle, scope mod and mounts.
    However, What I want to know is do I really need to spend this much, and should I if i am only starting out.

    Now all I need is some friendly advice on what to get. First hand. 2nd Hand?

    Many thanks in advance


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    Spend a grand on the glass, whatever's left on a second hand rifle.
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    For stalking the first thing i would get are binoculars. They should be medium range Bins of top quality if you cant see or find deer you cant shoot them .Even if you dont stick to stalking in the future the Bins will always be use full. You will need 300 to 1500 for them.

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    From personal experience i'd would get yourself a good second hand scope and a reasonable rifle as you will possibly like me end up getting something more suitable than the .243 later on and like me won't have nearly 4000 worth of .243 sat in the cabinet that ony comes out for foxes if you see what i mean,i use a pair of 300 hawke ed binos that i have yet not managed to destroy and until i do just do the job fine,scope would be my priority as you can take that onto another rifle later on if needs be.
    ATB Neil.

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    I would suggest that for starting out you could do worse than buy;

    8x56 Hungarian Schmidt & Bender Scope @ 550 ( I just paid 450 for an ex-demo one)

    Minox 8x44 BD BP @ 269.00 (although these are nice

    Then you will need cleaning equipment and a rifle cleaning rest @ 100/ish

    A rifle sling (wide neoprene) and a rifle slip @ 100/ish

    Giving you a total of 1,019 but call it 1,000. Leaving you 500 for a rifle (and ammo) for which you can look on Guntrader.

    Good hunting!

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    a mate of mine got a great deal the other day. he brought a tikka with scope mounts and mod all for 930 pounds shoots great and hasnt let him down.

    if i was you look around and see what your local gun dealers have

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    Take a gander on my website
    Ive a small selection of used .243 rifle combo ,if its new you after please give me a shout 01339883851

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    just had a quick look on guntrader and there is a fist full of .243's under 300 including some good old rock solid brno's, parker hale's and bsa's which would be fine for a 1st rifle and some even have mounts add on top of this a second hand s+b 8x56 at say 400 then your bino's and to be honest 200 will get you a decent set if you shop about, o.k. they wont be a set of swaro or the likes but do you really need them as a 1st set? which leaves you with 600 to spend on any extras like a roe sack, good set of stalking boot's, decent knife, bi-pod, books on stalking or what ever takes your fancey

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    Don't skimp too much on the rifle, you will have to be happy with it. Here is a decent Howa with mounts for 475:

    Hunt about for a German or Austrian scope with a 30mm tube. You can pick fixed power Swarovski's and S&B's for around 500. Leaves you another 500 to get a mod and a set of Bino's. Look no further than Minox for the bins. You can have a very good and reliable stalking kit for 1500.

    You will add all manner of boots clothes etc over time.

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    heres my bit of advice (for what its worth).

    you havent mentioned binoculars, so lets ignore them for now...

    firstly, buy secondhand if you can, let someone else take the loss

    ignore variables unless you get a very good deal on one, for a first scope a 6x42 or 8x56 is what you should be looking at getting (or a 7x50). if your going to be foxing an 8 x 56 is better but if its just woodland/hedgerow stalking a 6x42 is also good. your shots should be limited to well within the range of those scopes, say sub 200m for body shots on roe deer. shopping around should get you a 1" schmidt for 300-350, a 30mm for 400 or pay 500 ish for a swarovski 8x56. condition is everything if your the type of person to move things on and box and paperwork will help it sell but wont matter when your hunting.

    cost about 100 upwards for secondhand. i like reflex t4's because they protrude forward the least. watch for rust, especially around the weld marks on the sides. any of the popular ones are ok, just pick what you like, someone will always tell you what is better, its normally the one they are useing at the time.

    lots out there and its a buyers market. some are good, some are bad. i've owned a prohunter, a winchester model 70, a tikka t3, 2 custom remmys and 3 blaser r93's. say your budget is 1000 (after buying the swaro scope) you could do one of the following
    1. save up a few more quid and buy a blaser!
    2. buy a 300 oldie and knock around with it (bruno/parker hale etc..)
    3. buy a 500 "ford escort" say a tikka t3 or 595, maybe a remmy 700 with a decent stock and tuned trigger (some remmys are good, some not so good).
    4. buy a 800 "audi/bmw", wont shoot any better than the 500 gun, but will have a bit nicer wood
    5. buy a 1000 semi custom, probably a remmy/tikka/howa action with bedded stock, decent trigger and a decent barrell - give you hours of fun tuning homeloads to shoot raggy holes but probably wont kill more deer than a 300 gun.

    i started with a 1400 outfit (prohunter .243, t8, s&b 8x56) which eventually got split up and moved on. i sold the scope for 350 i think (theyve gone up since then) and i swapped the rifle and mounts for a blaser barrell and saddle mount. the prohunter was a nightmare, took 18 months and 300 round to sort it and get it shooting straight. in the meantime i'd bought a second hand blaser r93 in .308 which put every round where i wanted it and never missed a beat. thats why the prohunter went and the .243 barrel was obtained. i knew the history of both barrels and bot still shoot as well as the day i got them, the .308 shoots even better but i think thats just me!

    the reason i got the prohunter was that my "mentor" at the time said "go and see *****, tell him to get you a .243". i went and saw *****, who said "what sort do you want", i replied "get me what you'd have, i bring the cash i next week". one week later i left the shop with the prohunter and no underpants!

    i think that if i'd have been given a tikka t3 instead of the prohunter i'd still have it now, would be happy and confident with it and wouldnt have gone down the route of expensive german takedown rifles which shoot so well that you have to own a custom jobby so that you can keep your interest in load development going.

    so, to summarise

    buy well, be prepared to sell, and dont fall in love, theyre just bits of metal after all

    if your not the type of person that has to have "the best", for your first stalking foxing setup i would reccomend

    a swaro 8x56, t4/t8 moderator, tikka t3 or 595 (stainless or wooden), that will leave you 500 ish to put towards a pair of binos if you dont have any, swaro slc's are the cheapeat i personally would go, pick the up for 600 is for 7x42's. once had some 8x30's at about 400 which were excellent but did fail at low light.

    shoot it if you can/or buy from someone you know. check it shoots same poi off bipod. if you buy from a dealer, get a garuntee that it shoots and take it back straight away if it doesnt.


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