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Thread: dogs with sore legs

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    dogs with sore legs

    I have got an old mongrel she is 12 years old and is in good health generally. When she was young she got run over and her back leg was broken. she now gets lame and carries it if she runs about on it. (i know the feeling!)

    I have read that paracetamol is deadly to dogs.

    I fully accept that constant vet treatment would be the best thing for her. However, vet treatment is a bit on the dear side. Can i give her something like ibuprofen or asprin?


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    I was told by my vet that it was okay to give half a junior Asprin to my Lurchers for muscle strains and injuries.

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    Hi Swampy,
    Ibuprofen is a very definite no no, it leads to liver failure. Aspirin is a debatable treatment .
    If you want to try it, dosage 10 mg per kg every 12 hours.
    Proviso safety and efficacy not established.
    Adverse effects Gastro-intestinal bleeding, Diarrhoea, injury exceesive bleeding careful monitoring if kidney disease. Not a drug I would use.

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    thanks for this. I will give it a miss i think, any herbal recipes? i heard st johns wort tablets (also good for pmt in old bitches)

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    Now before anyone shouts me down, this is a quick question to vets (morena). If Bute is okay for horses, would a smaller dose be okay for dogs. ( in a past life, I saw many a horse use bute to get through various days!! I have to be honest, my dogs are insured, so I am only trying to be helpful!

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    I used Glucosamne and chondroitin on my old labrador and it was fantastic. Not really a painkiller but seemed to help with the aching joints fantastically well.
    What is Bute?

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    Andy...Bute is a white powder ( well it was in my day) that was added to horse food to help them get through any pains they might be having. I have to admit, I only used it when a vet told me to, so do not know any more about it. I am sure it is still used in the horsey world, but believe it is a short term solution, and can not be used all the time. I stress...I am not in any way qualified to advise, and I am only going on memory from about 20 years ago!!!!!

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    Hi Duncs,
    Bute. Horsey name for phenylbutazone available in 1 gram sachets. mode of action anti-inflammatory and relieves pain in arthritis. Useful for getting animals over knocks after hunter trials hacking etc. Much beloved by dodgy horse dealers as animal are sound on it. Get horse home short while later lame. Must have happened at your place. Banned under competition rules across the board.
    ````````phenylbutazone is available for dogs/cats dosage 2-20 mg/kg 3 times daily Usual GI bleeding diarhoea and prolonged usage blood dyscrasia, dog goes jaundiced. Short term use fine. There are safer drugs but cost considerably more. Unfortunately younger vets more cost must be better.
    Andy L Glucosamine/chondroitin works a treat in old working dogs just takes a bit longer but no adverse effects. Prescribed it many times with good results sometimes owners have tried the same on themselves but as there are about 270 odd different types of arthritis response mixed.
    Swampy have tried the herbals on myself jury still out on that one.

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