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Thread: foxes in this extream cold weather

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    foxes in this extream cold weather

    Good evening, had a look out with lamp this morning "-13", i must be daft going out when it's that cold you might be thinking, anyway we usual see plenty of foxes and only seen one which was quickly dispatched, anyone else seen less action at night due to this serious cold weather. With this cold weather been here for a while now, are these foxes starting to do more roaming in the day light hours, even thou it's still below zero during the day. There were still loads of bunnies playing around which is why i exspected plenty of foxes about.

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    keep the good work up mate , they have to go out to feed in this weather same as any other , anyone can be a harvest hero and shoot big daft cubs

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    I was out last night too and never saw a thing.

    My thoughts were that alot of the animals that the fox feeds on move into woods when the snow and cold arrives, I presumed the fox would follow.
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    Only dared to brave it once on the quad at -8, got back home i had a job to even turn the lamp off.
    I only saw the one, and that cleared off pretty damn quickly.
    On the other hand I called a vixen in from a high seat on fri night, also had her mate that came looking for her.

    Since all this cold weather started i have only seen one fox out sunning itself, unfortunately i was about 10 seconds to late to shoot it.
    Normally we would have seen a few in the day by now, so maybe they are sticking to the coverts.



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    Went out last wendsday while it was snowing with the lamp , only saw 1 and he was back in the wood before we could get the gun on him .Me and a few freinds did a fox drive on sunday though and managed to shoot 3 in a hour , 2 dogs and a vixen . I shot 1 and my mate bry shot 2 with his 10 bore. Was planing to go lamping tonight but i think i will stay by the fire instead.

    When out on wendsday though we did see quite a few hares, maybe they dont feel the cold so much.
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    With this extreme cold snap, food is getting scarce, any of you lot seen a fox attempting to reach a low roosting woodie in a tree????????
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    if anything i have been seeing more foxes i think its because they are having to work harder to find there food and hence there out and about more

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    I have been out most mornings and evenings this last ten days,mostly stalking but looking for fox as well and I have not seen one,not useing lamp though.
    I shoot all my foxes dusk and dawn.

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    I have seen plenty of charlies about early afternoon this week. They seem to like the liquid molasses at the minute too !!

    Atb Steve

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    Before the advent of 4x4s we used to walk all night after foxes, in cold weather like this all mammals keep their heads down and we saw precious little. As Dan said they keep to the cover. I find they will get about if there is a sunny day round about midday/early afternoon. Also they can be called during daylight from cover, I had two this afternoon.
    Rabbits are about during the day if there is a bit of sun, foxes will follow. Incidentally, they are now calling regularly here so they will be harder to get for a while.

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